Crying at work? and Cherine Anderson performing at The Deck

In an attempt to practice cognitive behavioural therapy on myself, I am utilizing the avenues available to me; namely this blog to achieve some of my goals. Disclaimer: I am not trained (not even in the slightest) as a psychiatrist, psychologist or any other kind of mental health practitioner. I do; however, suffer from being a “creative type” and not being much of a talker; talk therapy does not do anything to help my situation.

 Here goes, I recently read an article on “Crying at work? Well, everyone can hear you. But author Anne Kreamer thinks it is okay to let it out—and backs that up with research” written by Miranda Purves. It is essentially a review of Anne Kreamer’s book It’s Always Personal: Emotion in the New Workplace (Random House)”. The book suggests that the walls between workplace and home have essentially disappeared with the invention of gadgets such as Blackberry’s and the fact that half the workforce is comprised of women.

 Basically what Kreamer is saying is that it should be ok to cry at work, despite the negative connotations that presently come with it. (Interestingly, her studies point to women being more critical of crying than men). And if we no longer associate negativity with crying at work and allow it to happen then it will affect the bottom line in a positive way. It all boils down to stress management.

 As an aside, based on my very unscientific study (and not deliberately being contradictory) if you focus your energies somewhere else, the tears tend to dry up if only for that period of time. So you can rush off to the bathroom, place your head on your desk, close your office door or whatever is your modus operandi when the tears threaten or do.

 On a completely unrelated but ironic note, the Travel Channel is embarking on a new series which will allow viewers to see the lives of interesting and inspiring women who live and work in some of the most fascinating places in the world. It is called It’s a Woman’s World.  The Travel Channel is presently in Jamaica doing recordings for The Jamaican Woman’s World. Cherine Anderson will be performing at The Deck today 1 June 2011 commencing at 9 p.m. as a part of this feature. There is no cover charge.


One thought on “Crying at work? and Cherine Anderson performing at The Deck

  1. […] I cried at work today.Not because someone I loved died. Not because I made a mistake and was chided by management. Not because I had too much pepper at lunch and my eyes watered. I cried at work today because I officially gave up. I gave up trying to be optimistic, seeing the glass half full, trying to make lemonade out of lemons. I have reached the point of acceptance. Acceptance, that I am having a one-sided love affair with my job. I am the one doing all the giving and not getting anything in return. Everyday it just gets more and more oppressive. It is stifling and management’s favourite tool is a band-aid disguised as high-handed dictates. Cover the cut (no cleaning before hand) and then all your problems are solved. Not let us see what the problem is and try to fix it but cover the band-aid, let it stay and get dirty and icky and make the little itty bitty cut get infected. I have tried nonchalance, I have tried anger, I have tried optimism with no results. So now I am back on the nonchalance wagon for good. […]

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