Poetry transcends…

I started writing this post not knowing what it would be titled and for now it probably will end up being “Untitled”. I stumbled upon a few things today. I was walking in Emancipation Park, getting the exercise thing going, watching the cars crawl along the street in rush hour traffic and the beginnings of a poem started to form in my mind. It felt great to get the creative juices and under normal circumstances I would have come home and written my thoughts down on paper but today was not really a normal circumstances kind of day.

Let me explain, and by doing so I will be digressing, but any how.  I came home from doing laundry at my sister’s house, ate, checked email, tweeted, read and then decided it was nap time. Then I heard sounds that really have no place in my studio apartment. A lizard was having a rollicking time. I do not like lizards and as I said before I live in a studio and it is not one of those “super” studios. Actually I take back the “not like”, I am scared of them. I have had a panic attack because I thought one had jumped on me. And this one, made it perfectly clear to me that he could jump. Any way I decided to go walking in the hope that he would exit in my absence. No luck there. So I came home and on sight was filled with trepidation and trying to deal with what may be credit card fraud, me being the victim. That is a whole other story and maybe I will tell it some other time since I am not sure of the ending as yet. So long story short, sat and hoped he would go out the window or something and then I was rescued, lizard murder committed but no poem written.

I love Twitter. I totally do not get why more people are not on Twitter. It is a storehouse of information that gets replenished by the second. I follow all these poetry related people or organizations and as I was checking after the lizard murder, i saw a tweet about whether e.e. cummings was racist (you can read it here). At first, before reading it, I was mortified because I love e.e. cummings. I think his work is just fantastic (not that I have read a lot, which I plan to rectify in short order) and if I wanted to write like a particular poet (and I don’t), it would be him. So I read the article associated with the tweet and hurray! he’s not racist.

This brings me to another story. As I think I have stated in a previous post, I have been trying and failing to write consistently. I have actually had several other blogs and I got an email stating someone had commented on a post, a poem, in one of those older blogs. The comment was in another language, Slovenian it seems to be, “kar sem iskal, hvala”. According to the online translator I used, it means “which I sought, thanks”. So I am on cloud nine because it feels great that something I wrote so many years ago (ok maybe not that many, I’m not that old, in spite of a birthday coming up) and blogged about (you can read the poem here) almost three years ago, would mean something to someone whose first language is not even English. So I hope it was not  a misplaced comment or a misunderstanding and it really helped that person out.  If you click the link to the poem and you are Jamaican and were old enough at the time, you should be able to figure what/who the poem is about but if you do not, leave a comment with your email and I will get back to you.

As you can see from the linked text, I think I have figured out how to do it so I hope the links are not broken.


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