Can anything else go wrong?

So in the last few days I became one year older. I am hoping that yesterday is not an indication of how this new year will be going. First my car hit a pothole, and the rim was bent and we had to stop to get it fixed. Then later on I hit another pothole and swore the rim had been bent again. Thankfully it was not. Then I lost my credit card and my car would not start. So I got a jump-start. I do not have any tools of any kind in my car but I have a jumper cable so it was a good thing that is all it needed. So the credit card is cancelled but with my luck i will probably find it somewhere in my car today and I really need to get the replacement card soon.

Perhaps the universe has a way of telling us things and we are just too dumb to figure things out to even keep in mind the possibilities the universe has presented. In an earlier post I had stated that I may have been the victim of credit card fraud. It seems that I have not been and there seems to have been a glitch which saw me getting emails that I had purchased tickets for a Yankees game that I had not. At that time I had thought about the whole process of having to cancel the credit card, the fact that the bank is not all that great at customer service and that I need to have my credit card for a trip I am taking. Well no credit card fraud but had to cancel the card anyway.

This brings me to the title of this post. Can anything else go wrong? It might have already happened.


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