I mentioned in my last post that I had lost my credit card and with my luck I would probably find it on the back seat of my car. Well, the next morning I went out to my car, I found it on the back seat.  Anyhow, I called the bank and they were able to reactivate the card so I do not have to wait for a replacement. Whew.

On the matter of anything else being wrong, I went to the doctor earlier this week and he sent me to do an ultrasound. I had an ovarian cyst before.  If anyone has done a abdomi-pelvic ultrasound (or whatever it is called) you know you have to drink lots of fluid and then wait until you want to pee before they do it. So I hurriedly drank my fluids so I could get out there as quickly as possible and waited for the urge. The urge came, I was told I had to wait 5 minutes as someone had just gone in. 5 minutes slowly turned into at least 20 minutes as I sat shivering, bladder full of the cold water I had drunk and hungry as I had not eaten anything since breakfast. Finally it is my time to go in, I am put on a chair to sit inside and wait. I wait. Then I am placed inside the room told to get on the bed, pull my zipper, the usual instructions. I follow them. I wait. I hear people shuffling by and with every shuffle I am hoping that it is the doctor. There is a knock on the door, relief. Except that it is not the doctor it is someone who asks if the doctor has been in to see me yet. I answer in the negative. She tells me that she is going to remind her that I am waiting. She comes back to tell me the doctor is on her way. I wait some more. I am about to wet myself. I decide I cannot wait any longer and storm out to the reception area and declare that I am still waiting on the doctor and I am about to wet myself. I storm back to the room, and I wait a little longer. The doctor finally gets there and apologizes, I do not accept it. She tells me everything is ok but I do not believe her as she had not behaved professionally before and it makes me wonder if she is competent at her job.

The moral of the story is this, do not pay for services until after you have received them. I had already paid for the ultrasound before I went in. If I had not paid I would have just peed in the conveniently placed bathroom in the room and just walked out and gone somewhere else. Yes, I would have wasted my time and yes I would have had to drink some more water and I probably would not have been able to get it done on that same day but it is the principle.  If you are going to take people’s money up front, make sure the service you provide is excellent.

I found out the day after the ultrasound that I have an impacted wisdom tooth that is impacted horizontally. Think of my tooth as lying parallel to my gum. I was advised that I should be put to sleep to extract it. I have given in to that scenario so they better make sure I wake up after!

I have not really succeeded at not writing about myself but if it is interesting stuff I think I should share it. Please leave a comment or subscribe to the blog!


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Bwoy what an day at the doc. At least you got it over and done with, i hope everything turns out ok

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