Tupelo Press July Open Submissions et al

I am back in the blogosphere after a little exile which should not be taken as indicative of any reluctance on my part to blog. I had  a very busy and exhausting few days and now I am getting right back down to business.

First things, Tupelo Press is having open submissions in July.  For guidelines click here. So I am setting myself a task to have at least a chapbook done by then. Taking baby steps. So I am encouraging all my fellow writers to submit something. Get it read. There is a reading fee of 28 dollars but just think of it as “one less” pair of shoes ( to borrow a financial institution’s tagline).

To follow-up on a previous post, I read my first Kindle e-book yesterday. It was a Rizzoli and Isles short story. I am loving my new toy.

There are some things that are best expressed in the local parlance. For example “sum peeple fool eeh” is not the same as “Some people are just so dumb”. So to continue, sum peeple fool eeh. I took a little trip and on my way back the seat I was in on the plane was the middle seat. As I am about to take my seat, the woman in the aisle seat has the audacity to make up her face at the fact I am taking the middle seat, like I did not pay for a seat on the plane too. To make matters worse, she smelled. And to top things off she is either hard of hearing or just “fool fool”,  she did not want to remove the blanket from her arms and legs when were about to land. She was the one who opened her vent and then asked for a blanket and it really was not that cold. She would rather make herself and others vulnerable (others meaning me and my sister who were seated in the seats beside her) in case of an emergency when we need to get off the plane and she is tangled up in the blanket.


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