Ways to make a difference on the job

One of the things that is a big deal for me career and work wise is feeling like I am making a difference by doing the job that I do. At my present job, that is often a mammoth task for me. There are not enough resources, too many inefficiencies, and everything seems like an uphill battle. I read a good article today titled 7 Ways to Make a Difference on the Job. In it Curt Rosenberg gives the following ways to make a difference:

1. Having a direct impact

2. Supporting a positive-focused company

3. Mentoring and transferring knowledge

4. Fostering community

5. Showing up positively

6. Refusing to contribute to the negative

7. Finding the meaning

If you have a job like mine, number 1 on the list may not even be on your radar, because you get so much flack notwithstanding the positive contribution you are making.

Curt got me with number 2. You can put your energies to work at an organization where you do feel like you are having a direct impact. This is what I plan to work on over the next few months in an attempt to feel more fulfilled. You can put so much energy and effort and positivism (if that is a word) into your work but at the end of the day you are no more fulfilled than if you made less than half the effort. If that is you, focus your energies some place else. Volunteer your time and talents. Start your own business on the side. Do not; however, let your job suffer for your extracurriculars. If you have a job, do it well, do not give anyone any reason to put your neck on the chopping block. It will not help you down the road. It is better to quit than be fired.

I wish that more people would out into practice number 6. Too often we find ourselves embellishing the negatives instead of trying to come up with solutions that enable positive change. I am now subscribed to something called the A-Z challenge. Each week there is a word (thing, feeling, habit etc.) starting with the letters from A to Z and it gives tips on how to deal with these. This week’s word was Fear and to overcome fear one needs H.O.P.E. – Have Only Positive Expectations. Easier said than done though. I especially like the illustrations. There is usually a cow involved. So I recommend subscribing to the A-Z challenge even if  it is just for the pictures.

I go back to work next week after a little break and I am trying to psyche myself up to go back. My clothes are already ironed so I am wardrobe ready. Mentally ready, maybe not.  I am not looking forward to the same old same old but whatever happens I will try to make a difference.


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