Back to work

Today is my second day back to work after a month’s vacation leave. For the past two mornings, as soon as I was ready to leave home, it started to rain. Perhaps that is an indication that I should not be going to work but alas, the bills have got to be paid so off to work I went.

In a previous post I had written about how hard it can be to work at my job. First day back and I got a whole lemon tree loaded with lemons. I am not certain of the legal implications of saying anything specific about the matter so I will not say anything further. I am going to try to take the advice I had given in Ways to make a difference on the job and put up a lemonade stand for all the lemonade I am going to be making.

It is surprising what your brain decides to retain and what it does not make an effort to. I forgot the number I should input on the scanner, and I thought I had forgotten the access code for the door. I guess my brain has decided that it should only retain so much about work.

It is getting closer to the time work officially begins, so I am off to make some lemonade.


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