The Food Dilemna

Perhaps this post would be more aptly titled “My Food Dilemna” but since the intention is not to write about myself more than so let’s keep the title as is. In the last few weeks (and dare I say this seems to coincide with my return to work) I have not been enamored with food. Right now eating is a bother. I wish I did not have to eat. Food for the most part has been blah. I am not even really into cake (and for those who know me, you are probably getting a little concerned at this point.)

 Deciding what to have for lunch in the days has become a difficulty. The options have not decreased, but they have not improved either and there are too many people in the food industry because food sells and are not about what the customer needs or wants. And as for dinner, I ate m and ms for the most part last week.

 Chicken & Tings

I was introduced to Chicken & Tings sometime last year and they have lived up to my expectations most of the time. For one, the box is always full, sometimes it cannot be closed and you get more than enough meat. Disclaimer here: I have only had the fried chicken even though there are other things on their menu; so all my commentary is about the fried chicken. They have the “standard” three sizes and the price is comparable to other establishments. The rice and peas is great (although the peas seem to have been burnt in the batch I had today). Usually I end up telling myself that I will only eat some of the rice and then I look down and the box is empty. They are open from 7 am to 11 pm so if you are in the Half Way Tree area and are trying to contemplate what to have for a meal during these hours you can stop by and give them a try. So to recap, reasons to eat Chicken & Tings Fried Chicken and Rice and Peas:

1. Value for money – the box is full (you will not still feel hungry after eating)

2. The meat is not sparse – I personally think protein is more important than starch (maybe not more important than sugar but that is a whole other matter)

3. It tastes good more than 90 per cent of the time (in my experience)

4. The opening hours are great (I am not sure if they have fried chicken at 7 am though, they probably have a breakfast menu)

 They are located on Hope Road near the Halfway Tree Mall. If you are walking towards the clock from this direction you will see the sign which leads you up some stairs. There are dining facilities available and apparently they have music, etc. on some Fridays (listen out for ads on the radio). They also have a location on Half Way Tree Road; which is more of a take out facility although there have one of those plastic picnic table setups at this location. They have a Facebook page if you are interested.

 Old Faithful

Despite my food dilemma, one thing has remained constant. I never tire of Burger King. I am now even more convinced that Burger King puts a drug in their whoppers. Perhaps it only works on me but I had Burger King three times last week and I think I would probably eat it every day without a bother.

 Food adventures to try

For those of you have not heard, there is pan Teriyaki chicken available on Red Hills road. I have not gotten to try it as yet as they had already sold everything on the evening I had wanted it. So you may be wondering, pan Teriyaki chicken? Imagine a jerk pan with Teriyaki Chicken in bold red letters on the side, a Japanese man manning it and paper lanterns hanging up on the road side. Here is a link to an article that appeared in the Star sometime ago. Also they are on Facebook, “Teriyaki Chicken in Jamaica”.

 Thank you

To everyone who has been reading the blog, have subscribed to the blog, left comments on the blog, “liked” the blog, tweeted about the blog. Thanks for taking the time and leaving the feedback. It really means a lot and I am trying to live up to your expectations!


One thought on “The Food Dilemna

  1. Now reading this in the night is not fun for me since the only food dilemma i seem to have is eating too much. I have never tried Chicken & Tings hopefully one day ill remember too since i like me some good fried chicken. As for that teriyaki pan chicken man that sounds like an interesting try.

    Hopefully i remember these suggestions! i beg for mor suggestions on where to eat 🙂

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