Angry Birds Part 2

So I am stuck at Level 1-19 on angry birds. I cannot kill this pig. I must confess that I have cheated and I still cannot kill the pig ( I wonder what parallels I can draw with my own life? Not necessarily the cheating part just the pig not dying part, lol). Yup I could not figure out what to do and I asked for help (this is not the cheating part yet). I asked for help and I found out that the little blue bird can split in 3 for a greater effect. I split my blue bird in three, still nothing. So I consulted with the all-knowing and wise Dr. Google and I saw a video which shows you how you kill the pig. So I tried to do what I saw in the video. Needless to say I did not replicate effectively and the pig won’t die and I cannot move on in the game. So here I am blogging after again trying to kill the pig and failing. If anyone wants to kill the pig for me I will accept the help because I think I have given up at least for this week.

Teriyaki chicken in Jamaica

I tried the Teriyaki chicken I blogged about last time last night. It is ok. Decent flavour but not mouth-watering. Do not let my summation deter you from trying it though. We may have different tastes and I would have it again. There is actually an article in today’s Daily Observer about it. Star, Entertainment Report, Observer, coffeetableconversations… they are getting a lot of press.


Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! This not blogging about myself is getting harder each day. Tomorrow, yayday (I’m copyrighting this word for the record), I will be visiting the surgeon who will eventually remove my wisdom tooth that decided to grow horizontally, for my consultation. I will have to be “put under” to have the procedure done and even though I will not be having the procedure tomorrow I am a little uneasy about the “putting under”. My appointment was originally for Wednesday and I was freaking out on Monday. I relaxed a bit on Tuesday when they called to reschedule for tomorrow.  So far I have been doing great today but I have a whole half of a morning tomorrow to freak out. Glass half full: this procedure better warrant sick days.


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