The Pig is DEAD!

If you read my previous posts about Angry Birds, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Part 2 you would have read about the difficulty I had killing a particular pig. I am happy to report that the pig is now dead.  I killed the pig the evening of my last post.

Also if you read Angry Birds Part 2, I think, you would have known that I was going for a consultation about my wisdom tooth. Well, the verdict is in, I have to have all three of my remaining wisdom teeth removed. I’m so excited (can you see it?).  Anyways, on the bright side I was very impressed with the facility and the customer service I received.  And since we all like to tell everyone when we get poor service I think I should tell everyone about my great experience.

I went to Facial and Oral Surgery Associates which is located at 16 Hope Road (at the corner of Carvalho and Hope Road, the entrance is actually on Carvalho, that bit of information is very important since I was looking for the entrance on Hope Road and missed the turn) and saw Dr. Ladi Doonquah. (They are also located in Montego Bay if you are on that side of the island). I went in a few minutes before my appointment time, was given the regular forms to fill out, the medical history section of which was very detailed. By the time I was through the nurse took me to  get my x-ray done, after I had my x-ray done and she asked me some questions and took my blood pressure, she told me was going to prepare a room for me. In about a minute the room was ready, I was placed in the room and given a video to watch about wisdom teeth and all about surgically removing them etc. as well as an information sheet to read at my leisure. A little bit after the video was finished in came the doctor. The listened to my lungs and heart. Examined my neck and other body part ups from my neck including my mouth, then he gave me the “good” news and explained why they all had to be removed. He then proceeded to explain the procedure, all the possible complications, with the aid of a skull, and let me know that if anything went wrong they would fix it right away. He also gave me my prescription for after the surgery so that I can get the things I need before surgery so I do not have to be running around after surgery. And to top things off he thanked me for visiting them when I was leaving. Of importance (and you would know this if you read this post about my ultrasound) this is not one these establishments that collects your money before you receive the service. So now I am waiting for the insurance company to say how much they will pay for the surgery and then I can schedule it. Oh and btw, within a few hours my dentist who had referred me called me to say they had sent him all the information from my visit earlier in the day. Super service

They have a website if you want to check them out and have a Facebook page.


3 thoughts on “The Pig is DEAD!

  1. That oral surgery place does sound pretty damn fancy … i missing my wisdom teeth .. i pray they not lying flat. But I am sure your surgery will go well when you dinally schedule it and do it JJ. No worries.

  2. For some reason my angry bird app now freezes and doesnt start up at all 😦 so i cant get to kill anymore pigs!

  3. Beautifully written. I had my impactions removal done there and you are spot on about the events of the consultation. I had a fabulous experience there. Great post!

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