Measurements and Chilitos

I am not a better writer because I am not always successful in translating my ideas into images. I invariably have many ideas (many, many ideas) but the process from concept to poem iI am not a better writer because I am not always successful in translating my ideas into images. I invariably have many ideas (many, many ideas) but the process from concept to poem is most often not one that ends in success. At present, I am toying with the idea of “measurements”.

My journey to the idea started when my manager said I was like his weather vane, whenever I say (express my thoughts about) something that means that something is really wrong. So I started with the idea of writing a poem that was all about me being like a weather vane. That poem did not get started and then I thought about it some more and decided that based on my manager’s description I was more like a barometer than a weather vane. So of course I wanted to write a poem about me being a barometer. That did not take off either and so now I am at a different concept – measurements.

How does one go about writing a poem about measurements? What will I be measuring in the poem? What images will the poem conjure? There are so many measuring instruments, what will I use? Can I make the poem the instrument that measures? All these questions and not one word yet. I am actually working backwards this time around. Usually some spark of brilliance happens and I never know what the title should be. Now I have a title and no poem.

Of course writing like any art is a process but of course instant gratification would be nice. I have a very short attention span and pretty soon if this poem does not birth itself this idea will soon find itself in the company of the ideas I have had that went out like a candle at the end of its wick.

I have had a request to write about more places to try food so in an attempt to satisfy the request of my reader and go some place for cheap food, I paid Chilitos a visit yesterday. Chilitos is located on Hope Road and sells Mexican food. Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays where you can get a taco for 150 or 170 dollars depending on whether it is a soft taco or a hard taco. I cannot remember which is which. You can get beef or two types of chicken, but I can’t remember what kind. One tastes kind of like a jerk chicken. These tacos can be topped with any or any combination of lettuce, cheese, sauce or salsa. I tried both hard and soft tacos, all three meats and all toppings.

So here’s the verdict.

Price (on Taco Tuesdays that is and only for tacos) excellent. We (two of us) had 6 tacos, a pineapple soda and a June plum juice for 1057 dollars (that’s less  than 15 USD). If you are really hungry you may need more than 3 tacos but if you are not hungry 3 are more than enough. I ate 2 and I was full and only had a bit of the third one to try the beef as my first two had been chicken.

Food, I’d give a C+/B-. It does not have the wow factor but it is pretty decent. My favourite was the “not ‘jerked’” chicken and I liked the flavour of the hard taco.

Parking, may be tricky as there are not that many spaces so I recommend going early or getting takeout and bringing a friend in case you do not find a spot so they can move your car out of the path of anybody who is already parked and needs to leave while you are getting your order.

Ambiance, needs a bit of work. Also I am not sure if this is how it is generally, but it seemed like at the time I was there all patrons were under 25 and I felt a bit old. So I again recommend take out or if you do not mind or do not care feel free to dine.

Overall, I’d go again, probably for lunch though and for take out 🙂 since it would make a nice change from the same old same old.


One thought on “Measurements and Chilitos

  1. I love Chilitoes … The ambiance is better on the other days when its not packed with younglings at least, I like the outdoors lean back eat and chat and enjoy the out doors kinda thing. Now i never order a chicken taco, it seems a violation of mexican food lol, i always order beef and i prefer hard shells to soft. I am always prepared to get a bit messy too. Taco Tuesdays i try to go early eat there and get out, but on other nights i dont mind going there and chilling and chatting. 3 tacos i find can be ok but since i love food i always want more after 3 🙂

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