How I write, EMC Arts Conference, and Career Blogs

How I Write: Robert Pinsky 

I recently read an article form the April 2007 issue of The Writer titled “How I Write: Robert Pinsky”. In the article he relates that he writes best where it is most inconvenient:  “…in an airport, while driving or in the shower, during a boring lecture or meeting … whenever it is inconvenient. I find it difficult to work at a quiet cabin in the country, at a writer’s colony, any place where writing is the plan. I don’t feel comfortable with The Plan; I need to trick myself into believing I am playing hooky.”

It is great to know that a poet I admire has the same “issues” with writing as I do. I too do most of my writing where it is “inconvenient”: in meetings, on long drives when I am a passenger, in the shower, at my desk at work. It is not about playing hooky for me; however, it is just that I have never been a disciplined writer. I have never had “writing time”. Even when I go to a writing workshop I try to do anything but write. Even if it is not particularly progressive, I have to wait for the words to come. And sometimes they are very slow in coming. I think I am an “emotive writer” if I can call it that. My writing feeds off of emotion. I get pissed off, I write something that is borne out of the feeling. Not necessarily about the particular situation but I feed off it. I get happy, excited etc. I write. I think I do better when I am angry for some reason, though.

 EMC Arts Conference

 The  Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in collaboration with the National Gallery of Jamaica will host its inaugural Arts Conference from 13 -14 October 2011. It will be held under the theme “The Arts: Catalyst for Caribbean Development”.

 Career Blogs

 I came across an article about must read career blogs and they included Penelope Trunk’s blog, Careerealism and one on US News. I have recently started reading Brazen Careerist  as well. I have been reading these blogs for the last few months and they do provide practical advice as well as insight. I read Penelope Trunk’s blog most consistently, however, because she blogs about her life raising two kids on a farm with her husband in a small town and uses her experience to teach lessons on career.


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