National Visual Arts Competition, Ghett’a Life, The Caribbean Writer

I finally made it to the National Visual Arts Competition Exhibition. Personally, I think I think last year’s was better but there were several good and interesting pieces this year.

Ingraft (Rameish Cole, 15-18 category)


Hijab (Matthew Henry)


Buju Prays to the Father (Michael Parchment)


This is by Dwight Larmond but I cannot remember the title


Chickacharachoparcus (Nosbourne Lee)


There were definitely some conversations pieces.

I also went to see Ghett’a Life this weekend. It is Jamaica’s latest film offering and first film that is financed solely by Jamaicans. It tells the story of a young man from a garrison community who tries to defy all the odds to represent his country in the sport of Boxing. No spoilers here, except to say that I along with the packed auditorium at Carib on Friday night thoroughly enjoyed the movie. So go out and see the film. Do not buy a bootleg DVD.  Take a friend and go see it at the nearest cinema. Serendipitously, I happened to see one of the actors in the film, Kadeem Wilson, who plays Gully Rat after leaving the movie. I should have gotten my picture taken with him for the blog but c’est la vie.

The latest issue of The Caribbean Writer is now out (congrats Mezan and Fabian who have poems in this issue!). It is the 25th anniversary issue and is dedicated to Haiti. The Caribbean Writer is also accepting submissions for its next issue which will be published in 2012. The deadline for submissions is 15 October 2011 and the theme is Nature and Ecology. They are accepting poems, short stories, personal essays, and one-act plays. Maximum length (for short stories and personal essays) is 3500 words or 10 pages. Only previously unpublished work will be accepted. For additional details visit the website.


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