Super Heavy, Alesya Handbags and Red Stripe “Bear” ads

I discovered the super group, Super Heavy, last week. Super Heavy is Damian “Junior Gong” Marley, Joss Stone, Mick Jagger, A R Rahman and Dave Stewart. They are set to release an album titled Super Heavy in September. I have listened to a few songs and I like them and am looking forward to the album. You can watch their first video Miracle Worker on YouTube. You can also listen to several of the songs on A R Rahman’s facebook page.

I now want a USD 265 handbag thanks to Penelope Trunk Blog. They are by Alesya Handbags Charleston and it comes in three colours including a beautiful eggplant. So if anybody is reading the blog and wants to help me cross something off my wish list, this is one of the things on it.

Red Stripe has launched a new ad campaign for its Red Stripe beers and needless to say I am liking the “Bear Beer Ads”.

Yup, the bear has got me. I am not one to publicly endorse products, I do not even want to get my groceries in a bag with the name of the store on it. I do not wear clothes on which the designer is clearly identifiable (unless it was a gift, then you have to wear it to be polite). But Red Stripe has got me :(. Red Stripe, you better pay me for the free advertisement!


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