Bahamas Part 1

I have not blogged for a few days, not because I have gotten bored or did not have anything to blog about. It is because I went to the Bahamas last week (for work) and I have been trying to catch up at work since I came back. It is not working out, however.

I had also wanted my post about Bahamas to include pictures but as I am typing they are still on my computer at the office so I’ll save photos for blog post 2.

First lesson learnt: do not, I repeat, do not stay at the Nassau Palm Hotel if you are in the Bahamas. Our (my colleagues and I) first night in Bahamas was a complete disaster. The rooms smelled bad, the sheets were dirty, we weren’t quite sure what colour the towels were supposed to be, the bath was not cleaned probably, the tissue holders were rusty, plus the characters who were trolling the hotel are not what you would call savoury. That said I slept in the clothes I was wearing when we checked in and did not bathe on Monday night because I was not going into the bath more than once.

I am not going to write about the trip in any particular order. Apart from Nassau where we were based, we visited both South and North Andros on two different days. One of the mornings when we were waiting to board the flight to take us to Andros, I saw a policeman disembarking the aircraft with his handcuffs out. I was wondering why he possibly needed to have them out while getting off a plane. It turned out that he was escorting a prisoner  and the hand cuffs were for him as he cuffed him as soon as they were both off the plane and on the tarmac. There are no jails in Andros so if anyone needs to be put in jail they have to be taken to Nassau. I wondered to myself about the possibility that this might have been the prisoner’s first time off Andros or to Nassau and he was going to jail.

I do not want you to think that Bahamas is bad based on the above two experiences. To be honest, we did not really get to do a lot of anything in Nassau but from our drive around Andros (both north and south) I can say it is very beautiful. I would put a vacation home there. I want to be able to illustrate my posts with photos so I am going to end this post right now (well, that and my eyes are closing).

Stay tuned for Part 2, subscribe!


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