Bahamas part 2

Pine Forest (Andros)

So after the drama of the really bad hotel we spent the first night it. Things improved thereafter. We got accommodation at the Wyndham so I was ok after that. Our first meal in the Bahamas was at the “Fish Fry” to locals but it says Arawak Cay on the sign out front. I cannot remember the name of the restaurant but it had Andros in the name. I think it was Little Andros or something like that. I had conch fritters but did not have conch salad. I am not a big fan of seafood (I only recently started eating conch) so I passed on that Bahamian specialty. Since it was the first day there and I did not want to end up sick for the rest of the trip I decided to have chicken. It was ok. From the meals I had I can say that they even though the food is well cooked it is not as spicy nor does it have as much flavour as our (Jamaican) food. The other thing is when you get raw vegetables with your meal it is lettuce and tomatoes and sometimes onions, not cabbage (yuck!) and carrot. They use cabbage and carrots for coleslaw.

 So let me continue about food since I am on that topic. I cannot remember all the meals I had but I remember having, grilled conch (lots of lime did not taste seafoody but did not have as much oomph as I would have liked), ribs in Central Andros(delicious), and I cannot remember what else. Oh, I had chicken a second time. They seem to have fried plantains most of the time so that was great. Also the French toast at the Wyndham, wonderful. I had fast food too but you do not want to hear about that. The one time I wanted a  Vitamalt the ginger flavoured one was not available I do not know if they just do not have it at all as our host remarked that he did not even know they (Vitamalt) had a ginger flavour.

I had the opportunity to visit both Andros which is the largest island in the Bahamas and is where New Providence gets its water from. It is very sparsely populated and it not being their tourist season it was great driving around the mostly unspoiled countryside. Off course there are problems as there are problems everywhere and they do have a problem with indiscriminate dumping of solid waste. There are blue holes everywhere. If you visit you can actually see the different habitat layers. When I first looked at the map I was wondering what all these blue dots were. After manipulating it a bit and removing and adding layers I realized that the blue dots were actually blue holes! There are some lovely beaches as well as wetlands and pine forest. I dodged Poison Wood trees as we trekked through the coppice forest to get to a blue hole. I did not get to see much straw craft as we visited the area that is most famous for this, too early in the morning.

Mangroves (Andros)

I also went to Atlantis. It was ok. I think I would have enjoyed the visit more if I was not as tired as I had been at the time.

Point to note there is no American fast food in the Departure Lounge so if you are thinking about getting food get it at Wendy’s before you go in. There is food if you want but it is not Burger King etc. There are lots of brochures and pamphlets after you go through Immigration so stop and pick up a few if you do not know what you are going to do.  On the matter of immigration and customs, I have heard that Jamaicans are sometimes treated badly but as I was on official business and a guest of the Bahamian government I did received some special treatment (not having to wait in line at immigration etc.) and so did not experience this.

Blue Hole (South Andros)

Red Bays

If you go to the Bahamas, you should try to visit other islands not  just New Providence if that is where you go. I can only speak for Andros as that is the only other island I went to; it is very beautiful, quiet and laid back if that is what you are looking for. During tourist season, there is bone fishing (catch and release). You could do a day trip but bargain for staying overnight if the weather is too bad and the plane cannot land.  I almost forgot to talk about expenses compared to Jamaica. It can be a little pricier than Jamaica for example a short bus ride is 1.25 and their dollar is one to one with the USD and this is in a coaster not an airconditioned JUTC bus.


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