I had my surgery yesterday to remove my remaining wisdom teeth. Surgery went well and aside from some minor discomfort (pain and numbness) I am doing ok. Two thumbs up to Dr. Doonquah and his staff at Facial and Oral Surgery Associates. Got a “goody” bag with gauze, an icepack and an Ensure when I was leaving. I got a call from the doc later that evening to see if I was ok and the nurse called me this morning to check up and tell me I can brush my teeth today.

I am just wondering if I said anything embarrassing when the anaesthesia was wearing off, hating the soft food diet and having to eat every 4 hours to take the pain meds. Loving the time off from work though. I wanted burger king today but it would not have worked out, jaw is stiff and it would have hurt to bite into the burger. Maybe tomorrow :).



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