The Girl Effect, 10 Rules for Brilliant Women, Art and Poetry Competitions, Jessie J

The Girl Effect

I signed up to blog about The Girl Effect and promptly forgot that leading up to the 4th of October I should be talking about my planned blog post on the 4th. So what is the girl effect? According to the website , the girl effect is “the unique potential of 600 million adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world”. Basically its a movement to ensure that all adolescent girls get to have a choice about the route their lives take after age 12. It seeks to empower young women all over the world to get an education, stay healthy, HIV negative and not be forced to get married young, have children young and perpetuate the cycle of poverty. There are videos on the website which explains this and how you can help much better than I can in words only.

10 Rules for Brilliant Women

Tara Mohr wrote a wonderful article for the Huffington Post some time ago titled the 10 Rules for Brilliant Women and since we started on this girl power note I think this article is a most read for women everywhere.

Visiting Arts 200 Voices

Submissions are open for Visiting Arts 200 Voices. 200 voices will profile, spread and showcase some of the world’s most exciting artists online throughout 2012. Launching on January 1, submissions will be streamed throughout the year. Submissions are being requested for an image, short film, piece of music or text responding to these three questions:

– What is it like to be an artist working in your country?

– How do your local surroundings and context influence your work and your practice?

-Is there anything you would like to say to other artists across the world about your situation?

Submissions are due before Monday 26th September 2011. For more information please contact, Visiting Arts, Institute of Contemporary Arts- The Mall London. SW1Y 5AH UK or email For more information click here.

Tupelo Press Dorset Prize

The submission period for the Tupelo Press Dorset Prize is 1 September – 31 December 2011. The prize is open to poets writing in English and there is a cash prize of 3000 USD in addition to publication by Tupelo. Submission guidelines can be found by clicking on Dorset.

Jessie J

I think Jessie J rocks. Have a listen to her song Who You Are.

Super Heavy

The Super Heavy album is out and it is great!



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