Lessons from a cactus

I wrote about Katie Herzig a few posts a ago. I have been listening to  her music and on one of her albums The Waking Sleep, there is a song titled Closest I Get. There is a line in Closest I Get that goes like this “What if the closest I get to the moment is now?”. I have been thinking about this (outside of the context of the song) and how it applies to the moments in my life. I can take it to mean that I am never going to get to the moment and be depressed or that I need to live up each moment just in case this is it and there is no getting closer to the dream. Some days it is easier to go down the first route and drown in self-pity and other days the glass is half full and you make it through the day keeping the smile on your face.

All this brings me to days off. Days off are meant to be taken. The fact is, you are replaceable. If you die, someone will eventually replace you on the job so take the time off for big events in yours and your family’s lives, take the time off when you need some mental health days. I am by no means suggesting that you be stupid and put your job in jeopardy by hardly being there but when you know you need them, take them. Productive persons take time off.

In my last post I wrote about the few perks of my job and my trip to Hellshire. I saw cacti and they got me thinking about what I could learn from a cactus.

I need to remain firm and adapt to less than ideal conditions.

Maybe I need to grow a few spines. Perhaps people will piss me off less. Finally when it is time to bloom then I should explode in colour.

I am not really one to get up on a soapbox especially where politics and such are concerned but that’s where poetry becomes a great platform. That preamble takes me to the point I want to make that despite the current and past governments and notwithstanding the inevitable “young” Prime Minister poised to take up office in a short time Jean “Binta” Breeze’s poem Aid Comes With A Bomb is just as apt today as it was when she wrote it decades ago and begs the question why don’t we ever learn from the past? You can watch the video below to see her read a few poems. She reads Aid Comes With A Bomb at approximately 6 minutes in.


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