I love food, Writers’ Workshops, Edward Baugh Lecture


Today I am thinking about food. I have come to the realization that I love food. I do not like all food but I love everything about food. I am, however, not a food slut. I have high standards when it comes to food because I think food is a lot like art. It needs to be creative to work and it is all about presentation. Presentation is about the visual, the colours and how it looks on the plate but food unlike visual art, has to go further than just the visual because if it does not taste great then it does not matter how it looks.

That said I love the process of food, from going to the supermarket and market and picking out the best ingredients to measuring out ingredients, mixing everything up, to the stove top or oven to the plate. I find it is a lot like therapy. I do not like to cook when I am not in a creative mindset. It does not have to be any lavish but I find that everything turns out better when you actually wanted to be doing the cooking even if it is just some ackee and saltfish. On the ackee and saltfish note, ackee and saltfish is no. 2 on National Geographic’s top ten national dishes. I think it should be no. 1 because I mean really, how can hamburgers be no. 1? Also our very own Devon House is no. 4 on Nat Geo’s top 10 places to eat ice cream. Perhaps we should be considering “food tourism” to get more tourists to the island. I think we should have Master Chef Jamaica or create something similar since we can’t all sing/deejay/dance.

If you have me as a contact on blackberry messenger or follow me on Twitter you would know that I am on a quest for a Bon Bon Bum Passionfruit lollipop. I saw an ad for it on tv yesterday and now I am trying to think about where I am going to get one. So if you have any idea where, leave me a comment and let me know. Also if you know who the distributor for Colombina products in Jamaica is that would also help since I would go straight to the source. Unfortunately,  Colombina does not have an online store.

You must be wondering why the craze over a lollipop, but it’s not so much about the lollipop as the flavour. I love passionfruit. As a matter of fact today on my food adventure I will be making some passionfruit drink. It was to include a splash of passionfruit flavoured vodka but alas it seems my vodka has been stolen. If I can find me some more passionfruit sometime soon I will be making a passionfruit cheesecake. I will write a blog post about that if I do find the passionfruit.

Writers’ Workshops

The University of the West Indies Department of Literatures in English will be hosting a series of workshops for writers starting on November 12. These workshops will focus on creative writing, including poetry, prose fiction, television and screen writing, and writing for the stage. However, other forms of writing, such as writing for business, essay writing, and technical writing will be included. The first workshop will be by Earl Lovelace and will focus on prose fiction. For more information you may email  litsengmona@gmail.com or call  927-2217.

Fifth Edward Baugh Distinguished Lecture

The Fifth Edward Baugh Distinguished Lecture  will be given by Earl Lovelace on Sunday, November 13, at 11 a.m., at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts.  Mr. Lovelace’s novels include While Gods Are Falling (1965), The Schoolmaster (1968), The Dragon Can’t Dance (1979), The Wine of Astonishment (1982) and Salt (1996) for which he received the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize. His latest novel Is Just a Movie will be launched immediately following the lecture. You may read a review of the novel published by The Guardian here.




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