Inspiration from “The Litigators”

I have started reading John Grisham’s new book (on my Kindle) The Litigators and in the beginning there is a lawyer that on a Monday morning, goes to his office and while he is going up the lift he starts sweating and thinking that he is having a nervous breakdown. When the lift stops on his floor he gets out and does not feel any better and so he dives back into the elevator exits the building and basically runs to the first bar he finds open and proceeds to drink the day away.

I had one of those days yesterday. It was not precipitated by some isolated event, as is sometimes the case, but it was just the sum of my weariness and frustrations. It is ironic that happened to me yesterday because yesterday was supposed to be a sort of new beginning. I have some plans and yesterday was the official day of starting to put the wheels in motion. But that is just life and work. Everyday is not going to be great and there will be hiccups along the way.

Everybody gets to daydream. Sometimes we believe our daydreams and sometimes we acknowledge that they are just and will always be dreams. I am hanging on to the dream that work is not supposed to be hard, challenging yes, hard no; fulfilling yes, frustrating no. The trouble is a lot of the time we end up with hard and frustrating and we are so afraid of leaving hard and frustrating in pursuit of challenging and fulfilling and missing the mark that we end up staying with hard and frustrating. Do not fall into this trap (and I am talking to my self here too).

I did not give into going to a bar (or any other place) at lunch time and just staying there for the rest of the day. I toughed it out for the remainder of the day then went to see a friend and had some passionfruit flavoured vodka. That helped both the company and the drinks. So I am working on making the dream a reality.

Yesterday was also the start of NaNoWriMo and as I said in a recent post I am going to write something everyday even though I do not write fiction. Yesterday I am going to use writing for my job as my “writing” but since I wrote this blog post today I am staying within the confines of what I had set out as “writing”.

If you are interested in attending the workshop being put on by the Department of Literatures in English on 12 November 2011, it will be between 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The cost is $10,000 and includes lunch and refreshments. You can email them for further information at or call 927 2217.


One thought on “Inspiration from “The Litigators”

  1. We do most times fall in the trap .. i am stuck … not hard work persay, but frustrating i suppose beacuse i dont feel this is my purpose and of course very unfullfilling but i am too scared to venture out … the economy is failing and jobs are scarce … added to the equation of the hope of being self sufficient and independent leaves me right where i am … because to venture out and fail and not find that challenging yet fullfilling job will mean … dependence and eternal frustration … i suppose it’s the lesser of two evils and part of the definition of life … to eventually find our own purpose and follow that path.

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