Twitter Winnings, Barrel Roll and Art Exhibition

Before Twitter I had never won anything in my life. Now I have won two things. The latest being a ticket to the Jamaica Pegasus’ Wine, Spirits and Food Festival that is being held on the 3rd and 4th November. Hopefully I will get to go today during lunch, because work can be so unpredictable and I am going out of town in the afternoon.

 I discovered “Do a barrel roll” yesterday. I won’t spoil the fun and tell you what it is in case you don’t already know, but if you go to the Google homepage using Chrome, Firefox or Safari and search for “do a barrel roll” you’ll find out what it is ;).

Yesterday I went to the launch of an art exhibition at the Olympia Gallery. Jamaica National Building Society in association with Olympia Gallery presented “Evolution: an Exhibition of ceramic works” by Vilya Thomas. I arrived late and missed the speech, etc. but it seemed to be well supported. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos for the blog but there were a few interesting pieces. When I become an art collector I think I will definitely have a few ceramics as I do not care for lizards and so do not care to have in my home paintings for lizards to hide behind. The exhibition runs until 17 November so if you have the time you can drop by Olympia Gallery at202 Old Hope Road(across from the Universityof Technology).


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