Holiday Card Swap, my F$%kit List and Jamaican politics

Thanks to twitter I read about a Holiday  Card Swap on “Brooklyn Bride”. This will be the 5th annual Christmas Card Swap and I am going to join in the fun this year. This is how it works:  Send an email to brooklynbride [at] gmail [dot] com with Holiday Card Swap in the subject line by November 23. Include your name, address, email address, website/blog address and twitter handle [if you have these].  Send email in the format below…

Jane Smith
123 Main St. #25
Anytown NY 12345

Brooklyn Bride will email you by December 1, the names and addresses of up to 5 people to send cards to. Your cards must be handmade [think Gocco, glitter, Photoshop, cut + paste, sewing, etc….] Make something that’s easy to do multiples of.  You are required to send 1 card to each person on your list, and add in a special holiday greeting! You should send out your cards by December 15 at the latest!

The swap is open internationally, so pay special attention to postage. Last but not least, don’t disappoint your partners if you know you won’t be able to send out cards on time, or at all.

I will post pics of my cards once I’ve made them. I’m so excited one to see who I’ll get and also to see who gets me!

I was also reading Kana’s Notebook, where in her latest post she says (not word for word) “why do people always talk about their bucket list of things they want to do and never about their F$%kit List, i.e. the things they won’t bother with”. I laughed when I read it and I’ve started making a mental F$%kit List of my own. So far I have gotten as far as: Bungee Jumping and Sky Diving. I was tempted to include “my job” but for the time being I’m trying to have an attitude of gratitude since I could be unemployed.

We are heading into election season and it has gotten me thinking especially with all these new, younger in many instances, candidates. What’s the pull? Why do all these people want to get into politics? Are their intentions noble and possibly naive? Do they really want to make a difference and inspire change? I tip my has to all who have good intentions but with these good intentions it is important to remember that politics and governance are not the same thing and campaign slogans, and funny analogies do not translate into hope.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Card Swap, my F$%kit List and Jamaican politics

  1. You’re much more genteel in your phrasing than I was… 😉 I agree with you–those two things DEFINITELY go on my “no-thanks” list!

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