Movie Review: Out the gate, Price reduction for Literary Workshop on Saturday and Reminder: Edward Baugh Lecture

I went to see Out The Gate today. I wanted to show my support for our Jamaican actors, at least, since I don’t know how “Jamaican” this film is. Coming on the heels of previous films Better Mus Come and Ghett’a Life there are great expectations of Jamaican and Jamaican influenced films. I was disappointed with the cinematography and the dialogue. There is a hilarious shoot out scene at the end where I suppose the producer/director/editor etc. had a bit of fun. Paul Campbell plays a blood thirsty villain, which seems to be “his” role, whose favourite word is “bomboclaat”  (a Jamaican curse word); Oliver Samuels only appears briefly in the beginning of the film and Everton Dennis’ acting is okay. There were some dots that needed connecting in the script and so it did not flow. Also near the end there is a missing character. I will not spoil it and expound although I would not recommend that you rush out to see it before it closes. You can watch this film when you are on vacation with nothing to do, it is not that urgent.  However, if you want to go to support our Jamaican actors then go right ahead.

As I had mentioned in a previous post the Department of Literatures in English will be holding a series of Writers’ Workshops commencing this Saturday. This Saturday’s workshop will be done by Earl Lovelace and I think I had mentioned that the cost of the workshop would be $10,000. The price has now been halved to $5,000. So if you were really interested and $10,000 was a stretch and $5,000 is doable then the opportunity to participate is still available, email or call 927 2217.

Also remember that the 5th Edward Baugh Distinguished Lecture will be given by Mr. Lovelace on Sunday, see poster below.

To close, and this is totally unrelated to anything previous: I LOVE THE MUPPETS AND I CAN”T WAIT TO SEE THE NEW MUPPETS MOVIE! Just wanted to get that odd my chest 🙂


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Out the gate, Price reduction for Literary Workshop on Saturday and Reminder: Edward Baugh Lecture

  1. I had a chance to see “Out The Gate” when it showed in New York this past May. It is a great film that entertained from start to finish. I loved how it showed not only griity action, but also a love story. The music was also great. I would recommend that EVERYONE in Jamaica see it as it is playing right now.

    To suggest that one should see it only ” when you are on vacation with nothing to do” is wrong and is not supportive of the Jamaican actors and Jamaican producers of this film. Just doing minor research online, one would see at how far this film has gone, the cities it as toured, and learn an appreciation for those that put so much hard work into this film.

    Bottom line:When will you ever see the great Oliver and Paul Campbell on the same screen again??
    Go see it! It’s funny, entertaining, and I need the soundtrack asap.

    1. I did state that if you wanted to see the film to support our Jamaican actors, as I did, that you should see it. I stand by my opinion of the film (which I am entitled to, as you are entitled to yours). I suppose now everyone who reads this will have to go see the film to form their own opinion.

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