It’s December, Christmas Card Swap update, Wind energy….

It has been awhile since I last made a post. The year is moving swiftly by and it is already December. Christmas decorations are going up, cane arrows for the landscape as you drive by sugar cane fields, the temperature has dropped. I am looking forward to my Christmas card swap. I had mentioned in a previous post that I would have shared my cards for the swap in my blog. I had planned on doing this before I sent them in the mail. That plan has hit a little snag as two of the persons who I am exchanging with follow me on twitter and when ever I make a blog post there is an automatic tweet. So now they will have to be delayed.

As I said before in another post some days I love my job. It takes me to places that I would not go to under normal circumstances and I get to see some cool stuff. On Tuesday I visited the Wigton Wind Farm. I am in love with Wind Energy I think it is absolutely fab. When I own a house I would love to have a wind turbine in my back yard. That probably won’t happen but a girl can dream. I think this particular situation would make a great case study with respect to competing and compatible uses, given the  size of the country. At present the wind turbines are located on land that is owned by a Bauxite company which leases some of the land to farmers. I also want us to go offshore and put some of these babies up. Time will tell if this actually happens.









I just read a post titled “Bad Egg” at Eat the Damn Cake and if you suffer from depression and you do not know how to explain how you feel to someone, send them the post. Alternatively if you don’t suffer from depression but know someone who does and you don’t get it, you read the post.


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