Staying on track

The first week of 2012 has ended and I think it is important to continuously evaluate where you are and what you have accomplished. I am happy to report that I did manage to exercise everyday this past week that I had planned to. It was hard but I made it. I am also halfway through “MWF seeking BFF” ( I am going slower than I would like) so a review should be coming soon to the blog. On a disappointing note I have not written anything this week. This past weekend was exhausting but I will make an even greater effort to get some writing done this week.

On another note, regardless of how well you plan there are always surprises. Some pleasant, some not quite so pleasant. I had a wonderful surprise this Saturday. My boyfriend proposed, and to save the suspense, I said yes :). We celebrated at the Shaggy and Friends concert that night which was wonderful for the most part. There were great performances and some surprises including Stephen and Damian Marley. That meant jumping up and down and screaming from me.

So as usual, the constant “change” is here once again and it is time to adapt, make new plans while trying to be disciplined enough to stay on track.


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