Week 1

I am almost at the end of week 1. Week 1 of being engaged and Week 1 of an Events Planning course that I am doing. Just for the record, I had registered for the Events Planning Course before I got engaged. We  do not have a date as yet and we have not really started planning yet. I have lots of ideas though.

WordPress might actually have helped with one of the decisions to make. I want to have a wedding website and I was wondering where I should host it. As of today wordpress has  “Forever” theme that will work great as a wedding website. So that’s potentially one thing off my list.

On another completely unrelated note, (but this is something I wanted to share because I am sure others have had the same experience and I would not mind some commiserating), don’t you just hate it when people pretend to be giving you constructive criticism when what they are really saying is “my way is better”. It does not matter to them that they probably do not understand what they are critiquing in the first place. Where the writing in concerned I have a bit of inspiration but I have not yet written anything down on paper.

Now the blog seems to be reading like a journal entry which is not the experience I wanted so I will rectify in the next few posts. I have just been too busy to be able to settle down and write about anything but the mundane.


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