We all need a little inspiration

Unfortunately it seems to me that to create (to be an artist), one needs to experience extreme emotion from time to time to keep the “enthusiasm” going. Anger for me is a great catalyst and if you really think about it every emotion is just one step from anger. I manage to keep things under wraps most of the time but I do not suffer fools gladly.

So here’s my story. Do not, under any circumstances, especially late at night lose the ticket/card thing they give you at any of the gates or the gate at the Main Parking lot at the University of the West Indies, Mona. First of all, the security guards know nothing of the procedure after they direct you to campus security. I was told only that I needed to pay for it. After searching for 20 minutes after 9 at night I had given up and just wanted to go home so I resigned myself to paying something for nothing just so I could get home as I could not leave the campus without an exit pass. I asked what the cost was I was told they did not know, so I asked them to enquire and requested an escort. I waited some time for the escort and when he did show up went to deal with another matter before seeing to escorting me to Campus Security which also houses the Campus Police “Station”. I arrive much discombobulated by the search for the card in which I turned my handbag inside out and in the process my purse did not make it back in. I am directed to the window for payment to a lady who obviously knows why I am there as she has her book ready. I let her know that I have left my purse in the car and I am going back to get it. She lets me walk back to my car and return and then tells me she needs my licence and registration which I of course did not have on my person. I say a curse word loudly to vocalize my ire  at the lack of customer service and get called into the “station” by the Sergeant. I apologize and explain the situation to her and that I think it would be helpful if there is either a sign or the procedure is explained to you by the security guard that sends you pay. I pay and on my way out am stopped by the police officer that was closest to me (as he was outside) when I had made my disgust known. He asks for my driver’s licence which I handed to him and he proceeds to make notes in his notepad. When he hands it back I enquire about the reason for needing my driver’s licence to which he replies that I do not need to know that. He also refuses to give me his number and name. I walk back into the “station” and ask for the senior officer, who happens to be the lady who I had the discussion with about curse word. She instructs him to tell me why he asked for my drivers licence – his response is that it is for future reference – and to give me his name and number, which I have and will permanently keep on my person and will continue to relate the incident to other individuals and now I am sharing it with all the persons who read my blog.

I am now concerned that this man knows where I live and am wary that I may be subjected to harassment. What I cannot understand is the mentality that these police have which is “I am the law and must not be questioned” and not “I am here to uphold the law”.  This is not my first encounter (though not personally) where this is the case, and in most instances it happens with a certain section of the security forces and for fear of committing libel/slander I will refrain from saying which one of the “CFs” it is.

And to the UWI, they need to rethink their procedures/training or whatever it is that needs to be done and rethink the wisdom of continuing to have the Police “Station” on the campus since at least in my eyes as of tonight it is a blight on the “product” you are offering.

On the upside I get a blog post out of this and maybe even a poem. Yay for security personnel that suck! And yay for sarcasm!



2 thoughts on “We all need a little inspiration

  1. Bwoy JJ I am sorry for your experience, i dunno why our law enforcement agents like to wield thier power around, instead of being more understanding. It just makes a situation that is more than likely already uncomfortable even more so and frustrating … tsk … smh

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