“Quiet…” and the PanCaribbean Corporate Run

“Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”

 I have started to read “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”. I had told a friend that it was my must read book for 2012 and so far it has not disappointed. It starts off with the story about Rosa Parks and her not wanting to give up her seat on the bus and what unfolds after. Rosa Parks though the introvert does not conjure images of negativity such as those that have come to be associated with being an introvert. My fiancé has teased me by saying the book is empowering me. I guess in a way it is. It gives validation to everything I have been thinking and I am ready with the retort that people most times listen to the person who speaks the loudest who may not necessarily be correct as opposed to the person who is not quite as loud who has the right idea. I am just finished two chapters and am now at the Chapter that I would like to show my bosses hoping for, in exchange, an office and not having to interface with people and work in teams.

 Without having finished reading the book, I have had a few thoughts of my own. I hate working in teams, I hate people who are all talk and not about action, or for whom the action has to be predicated on talking (well too much for my taste), I like working on my own, reflecting and before I open my not so big mouth because I like to make sure that I am not saying something just so it will be noted that I said something and not really making a contribution. We have been taught of the need to speak up, and the use of the good old “brainstorming” in groups. I hate that because I prefer to work on a problem on my own in my own time. But today’s workplace does not really facilitate this unless perhaps you are one of the more forward thinking (read: not government run) organizations who have embraced a different kind of management. I do not really aspire to management in my organization. Perhaps if it was in a different environment, I would feel different. I do not think that I could do a better job just that I would do it differently and nobody likes different. People like the people who look and act like they came off the assembly line and were packed in the boxes for shipment. They do not like the people that got rejected and some employee took out of the trash and brought home who somehow got into the mainstream with a part that does not look like the parts on the ones that got put in the boxes.

I do not want to give too much away about the book but there are some great quotes involved as well. I shared one on Twitter but right now I cannot remember exactly what it said.

 Pan Caribbean Sigma Corporate Run

 This Sunday will be the PanCaribbean Sigma Corporate Run and the proceeds will go to Chain of Hope Jamaica which supports the Cardiac Programme at the Bustamante Hospital for Children. It is too late now to participate as entries closed before the scheduled date as they had reached the quota early, but you can still contribute by sending a blank text message to 444-2498. Each text costs $50. You can also make contributions at PanCaribbean Bank locations islandwide.



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