Wedding planning lessons part 1

I am my first event planning client and I am not sure that is a good thing. I can be pretty stubborn but I have been trying to be a lot more patient and it just might be working out. I usually am very stubborn when I want something. I want it exactly how I want it or not at all. Being more patient and less stubborn has yielded pleasant surprises. I have found that I can be just as content or even more with something different.

So far planning my wedding has been a bit overwhelming. I think I can blame that a bit on stubborn and lack of patience. All the people who want to know when and where and  who e.t.c. do not help because I have all these ideas in my head and the biggest hurdle, since I do not have an unlimited supply of money (yet), is trying to figure out how to afford all the ideas. We have kind of settled on a date but it is of course subject to venue availability.

So here are the lessons learnt so far:

1.Patience do not get too hung up on the “deadlines” or the external “noise”. Sometimes things fall into place and you get some sense of direction when you are not trying to hurry things along.

2.Leave the stubborn at the door. I was pretty gungho about the form my guest book was going to take and early on in the process I found out the one I had picked was not being sold any more. I found a replacement; however, but I remained open to other ideas and I found a replacement idea that I think is way cooler (though similar) to the previous idea and it will never be out of stock because it will be DIY.

3. You need to decide what it is you cannot live without early on. What won’t you compromise. I think I am at that point now and I have decided that the four things I do not want to do without are the favours I want, the chairs I want, the cake boxes I want, having some amount of DIY and an air conditioned reception area. But the truth is I think I may just be able to live without the chairs and the cake boxes but I will absolutely not compromise the favours unless something unforeseen happens with any of the elements that make it up.

4. Do not get hung up on a particular venue. I had my heart set on a specific location but if I am going to have all the things I cannot live without then I am going to have to compromise somewhere and I think it just may be the venue. Bear in mind that the right decorator can transform blah into wow.

5. Do not forget that you will not be the only ones partaking in the experience. Do not forget that your guests should be comfortable. There really is no rule that says the bride should be late. If your wedding is going to be outside (lawn, beach e.t.c) give a heads up in the invite or on your website so you guests can wear appropriate footwear. 



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