#Kony2012/#Horny2012, Jamaica 50, Love Affair With Literature


I tend not to be too concerned with fads and what is trending on Twitter, so I did not pay any attention to the whole #Kony2012 stuff. I only paid attention today because I read a tweet that the Director of Kony2012 was acting crazy running around in just his underwear and was taken to a medical facility by the police, so now #Horny 2012 is trending. Up to this point I did not know that Kony2012 was a short film or that Kony was the name of a person. I watched the video to see what all the noise was about and you can watch it too if you like on Youtube or just search for Kony 2012. You can read all the critiques, all the videos critiquing Kony2012 and the Invisible Children’s response to the critiques on their website.

While I will not comment on Kony2012, with all that said, the most poignant thought for me having watched the video is the fact that we need to put Country above self sometimes and we have to hold our leaders (notice I did not say politicians) to this standard as well.  (I have a very crazy mind and it tends to go off on tangents but for some perspective on how I got to this thought (and it may or may not help you to understand my thinking), I had read an article this morning before delving into the Kony business). It must not be what is best for the persons who funded my campaign, but what is important for the masses. Of course we do not want anything to destabilize the country but we do not want too much interference either. We do not want to have to kowtow to anybody and we should be careful how much leverage we allow other countries to have over our day to day operations.

Jamaica 50

I have so far not commented (I think) on the fact that this is our 50th year of Independence because I do not think we are truly independent. It is seen in the way we operate, in the way we interact with one another. We are still stuck in the slavery mindset. It can be very subtle, and let me pause to say that these are my observations and opinions, for example – the fact that we have not sought to make working remotely something more commonplace than it is now. There are many benefits to allowing persons to work from home and of course this cannot be the case for everybody especially the essential services but we prefer to be chained to our desks.

On the note of Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence I would like to encourage all or artists, writers, etc. to enter our National Competitions this year. For further information you can visit the JCDC’s website. I do not believe that we realize the value and potential of our art, so let’s show our fellow countrymen what we can do.

Love Affair With Literature

The University of the West Indies Department of Literatures in English is hosting a series of readings in the month of March. Next Tuesday it will feature prose and poetry. See flyer below.



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