The Single Life

I read Sharon Leach’s column in yesterday’s Sunday Observer which was titled “Living Single” and there were many a nodding of the head especially at the section where she writes about leaving pots in the fridge with left overs because you just do not want to wash the pot at the moment. I have one such pot in my fridge right now. Then I am going to feel bad when I have to throw the food out because there are starving people all around. But it is so hard to cook for one and not cook more than enough. I try not to cook too often to try and eradicate the guilt but it seems to me, at least in my experience, that the single life lends itself to buying more than you need. 

I think I have said before in a prior post that I live in a teeny tiny apartment. Now that marriage is upon me, I have to be thinking about only taking what I need with me when I move out and I have started to get rid of the things I no longer use, have duplicates of, are just plain useless but I keep thinking they will find some use, etc. and it is surprising to me, just how much stuff resides in this teeny tiny apartment. It borders on being overwhelming. For example, I have more than 12 dinner plates, I can hardly entertain two much less twelve people at once but I have more than 12 plates. It all seems fine and dandy when you are buying them, they are an investment, you are going to get to the point where you can entertain 12 persons comfortably and you will use the plates then… but before that happens, you have to move to this place and moving’s a bitch. 

The single life lends itself to evolving into a “Jane of all trades”, I recently sealed up the kitchen sink and a little crack in the wall between the counter where said sink resides and the wall. I am not sure that I did a particularly good job, but I tried. I also tightened the screws on my door knob so it no longer feels like it is about to fall off and I am thinking about painting the grill outside the door. I carry my own groceries, even though I may have to make many trips to and from the car. I check the oil, etc. in my car on occasion but the important thing is that I know what to do.  

Early on in this engagement phase I told friends of mine that I am mourning my single life by cooking. There is this picture that is painted about this time (being engaged) which shows it through rose tinted glasses. Do not get me wrong, it is a wonderful time, but in the same instant new beginnings equate to some amount of loss. 

Being single means not having a bedmate 7 days a week. This means I can fall asleep with my books, papers on one side of the bed and sleep comfortably on the other. It means not having to have food in the refrigerator. It means being able to watch my shows on tv whenever I want. Being single means you can afford to be absent minded because it only affects you. A few days ago I ran out of bathing soap (please note I had body wash and I used that). It means I have the covers and the pillows all to myself. 

Since this is a post about being single I will refrain from presenting counter arguments in favour of not being single but as we all know there are two sides to a coin.


2 thoughts on “The Single Life

  1. In the next post you should flip the coin lol … ah yes
    single life does have its benefits … that is when you are single and on your own … not single and living with your parents, but it does get pretty lonely ….

  2. lol i read the article, and minus the bills, it made me so miss living on my own lol … its liberating when you dont have to wash up the dishes lol and i can concur with people dropping by unannounced lol

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