Simple pleasures

1. Not being at work on a Monday!

2. Having coffee and banana bread at home on a Monday, because you are not    at work!

I did not go to work today because I had planned to visit my parents for the weekend and since I was going to go late Saturday I had planned to stay until today so I had taken the day off. Due to circumstances outside of my control I did not so here I am on a Monday a home.

3. Discovering a new band you like

Even if you do not like “Grey’s Anatomy” you have to give hem props for their soundtracks. Last Thursday’s episode featured “This Head I Hold” by Electric Guest.

I like their sound and you just can’t stop yourself from moving. They were The Guardian’s “Band of the day” on March 7.

4. Watching a movie under the stars

I watched the Marley documentary on April 20 in Emancipation Park and I again thought to myself , that this is what life in the city should be like: open air events that the whole family can attend. We do need more spaces like Emancipation Park and events to be held in these spaces.

5. Celebrating someone else’s art/success

The Reggae Film Festival was held a few weeks ago and there was a “make a film in 24 hours” competition. Second place went to “Grow, Jamaica, Grow” which was which co-directed and produced by a friend of mine.

For your viewing pleasure watch “Grow, Jamaica, Grow”

6. Dancing and singing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs

I have not done this in a while, time to change things.

7. Getting an invitation in the mail or by email

It is just not the same when someone invites you to an event verbally compared to receiving an actual physical invite or an evite. Or is it just me?

I got invited to see Kinyarwanda on Saturday at Red Bones.


Admission is free and open to the public.

8. Curry

Curried food is just one of those things that is so easy to love. What would live be without curry?

I had wanted to take this list to 10 items but the curry is calling 😉 so perhaps there will be a part two. And if you like curry too, then you probably like roti. The National Council for Indian Culture in Jamaica will be hosting Indian Arrival Day Roti Festival on Sunday May 6th at Chedwin Park, Old Harbour Road. Admission is free.



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