Next Monday I will begin a new assignment at my office. I will leave my comfort zone, the people I know and am comfortable working with into the unknown. But what is life without challenges?  And how do we grow without them? I know that every time something challenging comes up we may say to ourselves that we do not know if we can handle another experience like the one we are going through. But the truth is, in many instances,we are cut out for far greater things than we allow ourselves to believe or dream.

My new assignment seems to be equating to more meetings and boy how I love people! So that is challenge number one. How do I attend and make a contribution to all these meetings and not be totally drained? I have not even assumed my new post but I already have one scheduled to attend.  I suppose I can look at this experience as fodder for the blog if nothing else.

Life is always full of surprises and it has a funny way of just sneaking up on you and tapping you on the shoulder and saying aha! Before I had gone to see my new desk, I had read an article from the New York Times titled “From Cubicles, Cry for Quiet Pierces Office Buzz”.  It basically talks about how office cubicles came about and that they were meant to be cost saving as they maximized the use of the space and that they were meant to foster discussion, talk. But that what has happened is that even if employees talk more they talk about more inconsequential things because there is a lack of privacy. The article also speaks about offices that have retained the cubicles but have rooms nearby to allow for meetings and the evolution of the booth which is akin to a restaurant booth that is set up for phone calls and meetings and all that.

This was all before I went to see my new desk that is located in a hot office with three other desks. What I would do for a booth when I get there. I guess it was the universe’s way of preparing me somewhat. I must point out that it is not as if I am leaving the Ritz for a dump but at the moment I actually have air conditioning that is working at the moment and I share a space that is more than double the actual space of the office I will soon inhabit with one other person. Even so, though the need for quiet often is required because for the most part the office is still open plan and sound does carry.

Again, I am reminded that “the path is not straight” so that I should enjoy myself.  Enjoy yourself! (Guy Lombardo and for good measure Prince Buster)



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