Some thoughts and Kerry Young’s “Pao”

My New Assignment

I started at my new desk this week. Someone asked me how it was and I told them I was experiencing a bit of culture shock. I have spent the last week just trying to familiarize myself with everything but I suppose this will be going on for a few more weeks.

Book tax

I cannot believe that the government is going ahead with this tax on printed materials which includes books. What is the big idea? People in this country do not read as much as they should as it is, now they have a disincentive. How much revenue are they really going to get out of this anyway?

My answer to the tax is e-books, so if you have not gotten an e-reader as yet and can afford the investment, this is the way to go. And even if you do not have an e-reader you can get the kindle app on most if not all devices.


I just finished reading Kerry Young’s novel Pao. I had heard her read from it at Calabash last weekend and when the book had come out it had seemed interesting enough to read but I just had not gotten around to buying it. After hearing her read, I bought the Kindle book (in this economy sometimes having a physical copy for the author to sign is just not feasible). I was an eye opener for me as it is set in Chinatown, Kingston. I did not even know that a Chinatown had once existed in Kingston. So it was a history lesson, a series of life lessons (The Art of War is referenced), and overall an engaging story. You can read a review written by Ian Thompson a writer  at The Guardian here.

How to host an eco-friendly party

I recently wrote an article on How to host an eco-friendly party for ECCO Magazine.  So if you are thinking about hosting a party and want to make it green, read my article for tips.


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