The pros of not living alone and Wedding lessons part 2

Pros of not living alone

A while back I had written about how great the single life is and one of the followers of the blog had said I should flip the coin so that’s what I am doing. I am of course going to write this from a female’s perspective.

1. You have someone to “take care” of the lizards. I hate lizards, they scare me. Living alone means that I have to either “deal” with them myself, sleep with one eye open or vacate and sleep some place else if I am not comfortable.

2. You have a resident handy man (hopefully). If your guy is one of those do-it-yourself types, you do not have a to worry about waiting for the plumber, electrician and all that. Plus you can watch and learn a thing or two, perhaps the professional you would call will not like you hovering. I hover a lot and take great pride when I can do the thing myself.

3. You have someone to share the bills with. What with all the new taxes, Flow increasing rates as of July, this must be one of the biggest pros.

4. You have someone to share the chores with. Enough said.

5. There is someone you can call if you forgot to buy something really important at the supermarket, if they have not gotten home as yet. Or just someone to call when you just cannot be bothered to go to the store yourself.

6. You have an in-house fashion consultant. Instant second opinion on outfits because photographs just do not work especially if 8 have to take it yourself with your phone.

7. There is someone waiting up for you when you go out. I have one of those mothers who will not go to bed until everybody’s home. Even now that I do not live at home, if it gets to a certain time and she does not get the “I’m home” telephone call she calls me to check.

8.You have someone to bitch about your day with in person.

9. You waste less food. There are so many things I end up throwing out because I do not know how to cook for one really well so I end up with quite a bit of leftovers.

10.You have an in-house masseuse. Need I say more.

Wedding Planning Lessons Part 2

Now that I have been in the planning phase for a little longer, I have learnt another lesson:

Do not say no to the dress until you have tried it on. I know, I have watched enough Say Yes to the Dress to know this but it is never the same as experiencing it yourself.



One thought on “The pros of not living alone and Wedding lessons part 2

  1. Unfortunately sometimes your “partner” wont “take care” of the lizards either. But it can be good to have someone around

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