National Gallery of Jamaica Sunday opening, KOTE

NGJ Sunday Opening

The National Gallery of Jamaica will be open to the public every last Sunday of the month, from 11 am to 4 pm, starting on June 24. On June 24, admission and tours will be free and the gift and coffee shops will be open for business.

On the 24th you will be able to view the new Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds Gallery and participate in a round table discussion titled “Intellectual Property and Creativity in Jamaica” which will be staged in association with the Kingston on the Edge festival.

More information can will be on the Gallery’s blog soon.


Kingston on the Edge is back. It will be held from the 22nd to the 30th of June. I just checked the website and the schedule is not up yet but there is a section to join the mailing list, so get your name on so you won’t miss a thing.

Back to the Gallery opening on Sunday, I have probably said this before but I think this is one of the things that I will keep repeating until I do not need to any more. The Galleries and Museums should be open on Sundays, even if it is only in the afternoon. Downtown Kingston should be a hotbed of activity, there should be tours and open air events in the Park, shows at the (renovated) Ward Theatre, shopping, ice cream. Basically fun stuff. Downtown should not be a ghost town on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps this once a month Sunday opening at the Gallery could be part of a wider initiative in this whole “re-development process”. The process should not just include the people who are buying buildings and constructing for the tax incentives it should include all of us and it cannot just be a brick and mortar re-development, it has to include the arts, history and culture and you and I must do our part, so see you downtown.


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