Jamaica 50 Part 2 and my recycling rant

Hello blog readers I am back. I had not realized that the last post I wrote was so long ago but things have been a bit hectic. A lot of the time you spend “writing” is not the actual “typing it out” process but the “thinking it out” and I have had to be thinking a lot. I am doing a great deal more writing at my new assignment at my job, I started writing articles for ECCO Magazine and in addition to this blog I have my wedding blog to contend with, so that explains my absence some.

Jamaica 50

I had made a few observations in a previous post about Jamaica’s 50th year of independence and now it is actually less than a month before Independence Day. The JCDC has a slew of events that are generally held at this time of year but I suppose they have taken on added significance to mark the milestones. The schedule of events, national and parish can be found here and here and information on how to obtain free tickets for some national events, here.

We have put out commemorative notes and I am excited about the Pin of Pride  and the One Million Pins initiative. I really hope that we achieve our goal in that regard.

I have not heard anything about stamps though and I have not seen anything on the Jamaica Post website about it. In earlier media reports commemorative stamps were listed as one of the legacy projects. I would be nice if I could mail my invites using these commemorative stamps so I am hoping they have already been issued and the website just needs a bit of updating. As an aside, here is an interesting historical tidbit, the Spanish Town Post Office was the first post office established in the British Colonies. This was over 300 years ago.

Let’s celebrate Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence in fine style. If you cannot make it to any of the national or parish events (and we know everybody can’t hold anyway), plan an Independence Day cookout, invite family and friends, take a musical walk down memory lane over the last 50 years (use youtube if you have to) and eat some traditional foods. You can put your own spin on things too for example barbecue pig’s tail instead of the good old stew peas with pig’s tail.

I think unfortunately we do not realize the strides that we have made in the arts in the last 50 years and as such it is not given the recognition it deserves, but if you think about it, we are a very culturally rich country and additions are made everyday by our writers, musicians, artists, e.t.c. and we need to make optimum use of our cultural capital and that means investing in our people, so let’s start nuh?

Recycling Rant

I have been silent on the country’s waste management issues since I have started this blog and what follows are just a few things to think about which are just the tip of the iceberg. For those of us who have garbage collection provided by the state it is a case of out of site out of mind unless Riverton is burning. But what I am going to rant about is something that I think is simple enough. The NSWMA has started a pilot project in a few communities to collect plastic containers separate from other waste and this is commendable. There are organizations and businesses that are providing facilities for well thinking Jamaicans to drop off their plastic bottles which will eventually be shipped somewhere and recycled and many well thinking Jamaicans do this. There is no remuneration but they want to do the “right” thing.

I try to do the “right” thing myself but sometimes it seems too difficult. On many occasions I end up driving around for days with a bag of plastic containers in my car because I am trying to do another “right” thing and making optimum use of my car trips. So if I have no other cause to go to the drop off location I do not go. I checked Google Maps for the distance from my house to the nearest drop off centre and it is 3.3 km away and you may say but that is pretty close so it should not be a bother. Here’s the catch though, it is only open from 9 to 4 p.m. Mondays to Fridays. While I could alter my route to work to facilitate a stop there, it would not be open, neither would it be open on my way back home. The next two places are 5 km and 7.1 km away respectively. Where the 5 km one is concerned it is way out of any of my usual commutes and I would definitely be going out of my way to go there so I would have to plan to do other things on the road so it would not be a meaningless trip. Where the third one is concerned, I can make business in that area but again it is not along my usual routes.

What would I like? Until the pilot project is not a pilot project anymore and there is collection at my gate, I would like to be able to walk to a drop off centre with my bottles and know that they will be recycled, re-used etc. Another tidbit, in Kenya plastic bottles are being used to make oil. I would like for it to be so easy to start the recycling process (that is an easily accessible place to take them to)that plastics would not end up on the streets and in gullies. But that’s me ranting.

If you are wondering where the collection centres are, they are JET, Red Bones and General Foods in Liguanea.

Thanks again for reading the blog and please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


4 thoughts on “Jamaica 50 Part 2 and my recycling rant

  1. you make good points re: recycling, for those persons evene remotely interested it can be a bit out of the way. When weill Ja catch up ….

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