R.I.P Maeve Binchy

Thanks to Twitter, I found out that Maeve Binchy died yesterday after a short illness. In case you are wondering who Maeve Binchy was, she was an Irish writer. She wrote books such as Circle of Friends (which was made into a movie), Tara Road, Quentins and a few weeks ago I read “Minding Frankie” and had meant to write a post about it but had not done so as yet.

I first “met” Maeve Binchy is the home of Miss Lyons (now Mrs. Gordon). Being the child of a father who was out often and a mother who worked odd hours her being a nurse, my sister and I often found ourselves spending our hours without adult supervision at the homes of our neighbours who kept an eye on us. We were spending the better part of a day there and I found Circle of Friends and started reading it. I finished it before I went home. Later in high school I happened upon some more off her books and read some more. At my first job after uni I had the pleasure of having to take two buses home to Copacabana and the stop I came off at on the first bus was almost in front of Kingston Bookshop on King Street. Based on the time the next bus would arrive I would often have some minutes to spend in the bookshop which of course due to my love of books I was more than happen to spend. At a time when they were having a sale, I increased my Binchy collection. I could be seen trudging up the hill with my bag(s) of books in the evenings. I moved several times since then but inevitably whenever I went to a bookstore I was always on the lookout for her books. A few days before my birthday I found “Minding Frankie” in a pharmacy and bought it on my Kindle. Silly me had never thought to check the Kindle store, in the year I had been the owner of a Kindle, for her books. 

This morning I read an article from the Guardian that was written in 2007. In it Maeve says she writes as if she is talking to you or writing a letter to a friend and that is exactly how it feels when you read one of her books. She writes about people, real people, in real situations and before you know it you feel as if you are in the place she is writing about with the people she is writing about. 

If you have never read one of her books I recommend them all (even the ones I have not read yet) to you.

RIP Maeve Binchy. I had been looking forward to more of your stories.


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