Kingston on the Edge 2013 Schedule of Events

Kingston on the Edge begins this Friday at Red Bones and runs until June 30. See list of events below. Show your support for the arts!



Redbones – 1 Argyle Rd.
Contribution: $1000 / $500 students with ID

Please bring plastic for recycling

Gallery Opening 8pm (free) Runs through June 29th

TALES FROM A FELLOW TRAVELLER.0stranenie: making strange.  

Solo Exhibition by Jamaican painter, Audrey Lynch. So many of us travel the same path, and lead parallel lives. Our geographies have become such monumental wedges, flattening and thinning our reality. The universality of the human experience is no longer full and three dimensional. Do we have an inner life? Yes we do. This is what my art is, a tracking of my journey.

In The Garden 8pm Runs through June 29th

TECH@morphosis: An Installation by Kenyan artist Mazola wa Mwashighadi & Jamaican artist Heather Munro. As we live, we change. Mazola & Heather change the form and function of technology, creatively transforming and expanding our imagination.

In the Gazebo Runs through June 29th

KINGSTON BLOOM: An installation by Georgian artists, designers & siblings Gocha & Eteri Chkadua. Gocha’s hundreds of flowers are handmade and manufactured from discarded plastic bottles from the USA, Europe & Jamaica. Kingston Bloom is an iconic take on pollution and waste, a refusal of mass produced artist materials, and a taxonomy of socio-political artifacts that engage nationality and an imagined post industrial natural world.

In the Courtyard 

ECO-POTS: German artist Dennis Eckart founder of Capoeira Alafia, a non-profit based on promoting peace, economic empowerment and harmonious living with the environment.

INANSI: Mixed Media artist Inansi displays her latest works. Assemblages, from a variety of found, recycled and natural materials.  She adds textures to express a diverse range of subjects from urban graffiti landscapes.

CAPOEIRA: Demonstration by Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira of Jamaica

 Main Stage 9:30pm

CRIMSON HEART REPLICARaised on an island where Reggae & Dancehall rule the airwaves, Katherine Williams, the voice of Crimson Heart Replica, stuck to her alternative guns. Her sound has been described as “Alternative Lovers Rock”, a blend of rock n roll edge laced with soulful, emotive lyrics.

ROOTZ UNDERGROUNDWorld renowned reggae band Rootz Underground prepares for their multi-continent summer tour by blessing up Kingston on the Edge.

THE COURTNEY JOHN PROJECT: An audio journey that created the new sound Rootstronic; which is one part Kingston mash up, one part euro-electronica & 100% provocative in its approach to contemporary music.

DJ ISET spins eclectic world beats with an urban twist all her own.




10am – 1pm / OCARINAS AND RATTLES: Ceramics Workshop
Roktowa / 8 Pechon Street (next to the Railway) – $3500 / Students $2000

Jamaican Ceramic artist, Sharon Norwood, is flying in from Florida to lead this hand building workshop.

11am – 12:30pm / BROTHER SCAMP & OTHER TALES

Philip Sherlock Centre (repeat performance 24/06/13, 6:30pm)

The University Players present five stories from the Brothers Grimm played for 75 mins without an intermission.

 1pm – 4pm / STILL HAVE MY JOY

Café What’s On / 133 Barbican Road

Their first year participating in KOTE, Café What’s On is focusing on the incredible talents of Jamaican visual artists. A diverse selection of artists will be showcasing their skills in the Café’s pop-up studios ranging from textiles, fashion, jewelry, mixed media and painting to ceramics and photography. This visual showcase combined with the tasty café menu and jazzy musical backdrop should be enough to stimulate all the senses.

Featured artist is Carlton Reid, a talented mixed media artist who thrives in spite of his personal challenges with mental health issues. His show “Still Have My Joy” captures the essence of Carlton, his positive outlook on life, his amazing talent, his resilience and his pure joy for creating art.

Exhibiting Artists: Textiles: Afrikuku , Margaret Stanley / Mixed Media:  Inansi, Richard Natto, Sandra Green / Jewelry: Kissez Accessories, The girl and the Magpie / Fashion: Mutamba Designs / Photography: Olivia Miller, Nicole Brown / Painting: Samira Bowden  / Ceramics: Teri Johnson and Marie Gooden

7pm – 9pm / LET THERE BE LIGHT

1a Olivier Road (Entrance on Allerdyce)

An exhibition of works by Stephanie Renee, featuring pieces centred around experiencing the genesis of light.

8pm / SEH SUP’M 

Redbones – 1 Argyle Rd.
Contribution: $800

Seh Sup’m Poetry and Live Music will feature performances from poets Oku Onuora, Dub poetry pioneer who recently launched his new album A Movement, in May this year, Abebbe Payne, a strong favourite on the local scene and Yashika Graham, front woman for the Jamaica Poetry Society.

Acoustic performances from Kabaka Pyramid, a high energy multi-talented reggae performer, raising the bar of consciousness, Micah Shemiah, hailing from the Jah Over Evil movement, who is one of the forerunners of the neo-roots revival.

DJ Iset spins the eclectic beats providing the signature sounds of Seh Sup’m Poetry




Lobby of the Bank of Jamaica Auditorium / Nethersole Place

The annual exhibition of Potters work will feature work by David Pinto, Michael Layne, Margaret McGhie, Phillip Supersad, Trevor Beaumont as well as young members of the association who are graduates of the Edna Manley College of The Visual & Performing Arts.

1pm – 4pm / BAD FRIDAY

Liberty Hall / 76 Kings Street

Liberty Hall reviews two documentaries followed by group discussion.

Ethiopia and the History Not Seen (57 Mins.) records the history of Ethiopia and the long reign of the Ethiopian monarchy as well as depicts the fall of the last Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie I.

Bad Friday: Rastafari After Coral Gardens (63 Mins.) by Deborah A. Thomas, John L. Jackson, Jr. and Junior “Gabu” Wedderburn, looks at a community of Rastafarians in western Jamaica who annually commemorate the 1963 Coral Gardens “incident” where the Jamaican government rounded up, jailed and tortured hundreds of Rastafarians.


Shaare Shalom Synagogue / 92 Duke St. (Entrance on John’s Lane)

The smooth and rich voice of Michael Sean Harris takes you on a captivating international ride of both discovery and subliminal familiarity. Seamlessly merging traditional folk, classical, popular and contemporary music of many regions of the world and infuses a savory spice that is uniquely his own. Michael gives his music a chance to breathe,swell, break down and talk back. Come prepared to participate.


NLS Studio / 190 Mountain View Avenue

David Soutar & Olivia McGilchrist: both lecturers at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts; have combined their research for the creation of this live interactive piece.

This outdoor site-specific event will allow audience members to engage with live performances inspired by Jamaican mythical and legendary characters; in a creative collaboration between experimental video art and dynamic interactive design.

DJ Afifa



7:30pm – 10pm / SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 
The Liguanea Club/ Knutsford Boulevard
Contribution: $500

Brevity is the soul of wit. Cinema enthusiast David Morrison curates a night of short films, highlighting the strength and diversity of the Jamaican film scene.




5PM – 7:30pm / 2013 SVA FINAL YEAR SHOW 
Edna Manley College of Art / 1 Arthur Wint Drive

The School of Visual Arts Final Year Exhibition is a significant milestone for the emerging artists in the exhibition.  The works on exhibit have been selected by the curatorial team of the School from their Final Year Examinations, and reflect the outcome of a year-long process of individual and collective investigation and development.


Edna Manley College of Art / 1 Arthur Wint Drive

The Poetry Society’s monthly fellowship features veteran dub poet Cherry Natural, who will be launching her highly anticipated poetry album “Intellectual Bad Gal”; as well as maximum vibes and a beautiful setting.

7pm – 9pm / CAPOEIRA

25 Annette Crescent (opposite Megamart) / Free Class. 2nd free class on Thursday 29th, 7-9pm

Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira Jamaica was founded in 2004 and is the local branch of Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira which was founded in 1978 in Sao Paulo/Brazil. In Jamaica the group is lead by Contra-Mestre Simpson who along with instructors Brasil and Ferro (both from Jamaica) conducts classes, workshops and demonstrations all over the island. Classes are offered for students of all levels and all ages, newcomers are always welcome!

8pm / PECHA KUCHA 20X20 
Bookophilia / 92 Hope Road

Pecha Kucha Night Kingston is an informal forum based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It’s a simple format that challenges the presenters and keeps things moving at a fast enough pace! The event brings together activists, animators, arbiters, architects, artists, chefs, community organizers, coolhunters, critics, curators, designers, dreamers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, fabricators, fanatics, fashionistas, historians, rabblerousers, scientists and students all in one setting to talk and show their work and the things that inspire them.

The Pecha Kucha Night event was created in Tokyo and is now a massive celebration, in hundreds of cities around the world.

Featuring: Richard Natoo, Rondeen McLean, Chereese’s Blue Scarf, Ikem Smith and others…

Presentations start at 8:20pm sharp!



THU27                                                                                                         ­­­­­­

7pm / LENS, CAMERA, SHOOT: The photographers intuitive eye II
Bolivar Gallery – 1D Grove Road (off of HWT Road)

Exhibition Opening of Photographic works by Varun Baker and Adrian Dale

Varun Baker: The son of an Indian mother and Jamaican Father, Varun was born in Brazil and since then has lived in Jamaica, U.S.A., Italy, Bermuda and Canada. He got his first camera at 9 years old, a pink plastic point and shoot. Since then, he has been using photography as a way to immerse himself in each new place, engaging the cultures and people that occupy them.

Adrian Dale: Adrian has had an interest in the world of photography since childhood. Very much inspired by pictures in books, National Geographic Magazine in particular. His works reflect his interest and passion to see. As a birder- wildlife images predominate, but anything is game. “I am still amazed and humbled to see how people react to and appreciate my work. It is something I think about with every single click! There is a beauty all around”.

7:30pm – fashion show by Liquid Gold Modeling Agency

8:30pm -The Papiumba Big Band plays liberation music


Tony’s Bar – 5 Chelsea Ave. (Behind Chelsea Hotel)

Free jam session, featuring the avant garde of the Kingston music scene.



5:30pm – 8pm / BODIES IN EVIDENCE

Olympia Art Centre / 202 Old Hope Road

Shrouded body forms, suppressed and receding, while advancing through the echoes of time – past, present and future.  Indicative of the perpetuation of suffering in the violence of contemporary living. This exhibition by Garfield Morgan becomes the key site for the dialogue of death, rebirth and transcendence.


Redbones – 1 Argyle Rd. –
Contribution: $1500 

Main Stage 9:30pm

Singer, pianist, and songwriter who writes wonderfully nuanced songs of love in the contemporary world.  She combines Jazz, R&B, Reggae and Pop sensibilities into a wholly unique sound. Lifeline, her debut album, appeared in 2001, and the more reggae-influenced In the Rhythm followed in 2005.

This special concert has been organized as a fundraiser for Jacqueline Hussey-Pearson, herself a talented artist, curator and great supporter of Kingston on the Edge.

All proceeds towards Jacqueline’s Medical Treatment

In the Gallery

TALES FROM A FELLOW TRAVELLER.0stranenie: making strange. – Audrey Lynch

In the Garden

TECH@morphosis – installation by Mazola wa Mwashighadi & Heather Munro

In the Gazebo 

KINGSTON BLOOM – installation by Gocha & Eteri Chkadua


11am – 1pm / DREAM MURAL

Randolph Lopez School of Hope / 7 Golding Ave  (located 5 mins from University Hospital Gate in Elletson Flats)

In cooperation with students and teachers of the Randolph Lopez School of Hope (an institute for over for over 500 mentally challenged students being the largest and oldest school serving children with intellectual disabilities in Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean), artist Charl Baker leads an interactive mural painting in which participants visually express their hopes and dreams for the future.

Open to the public and your participation is encouraged. Please bring or donate water based paints, brushes and containers. 


74B Hollywood Road (off Hope Road near Sandhurst Crescent)

“Art gives me wings to fly back to the past, perch in the present, and soar to the future. These spaces are all interconnected and with my art I explore, celebrate & experience them as one” – Mazola wa Mwashighadi

This multi-dimensional Kenyan artist who has lived and worked in Jamaica since 1997, opens his studio doors allowing visitors to learn about the artist, his work and methods in an intimate environment.

4pm – 8pm / RECREATION

Grosvenor Gallery / 1 Grosvenor Terrace

Recent works by Petrus Chang: A Jamaican artist and musician, whose keen gaze finds the infinite in the everyday.

Performance Pieces:

TRIBE SANKOFA: A vibrant and eclectic cadre of multitalented performers combine their artistry to add an exciting new dimension to the performing arts landscape of Jamaica and the rest of the world. Performing a 15-minute set that captures the diversity of their repertoire as well as their energy & vibe!

78 AND TIRED by Jean Small. A reflective piece on a life well-lived but which to some adds up to very little or nothing. The persona rejects nothingness, acknowledges that one can only do so much and no more. Yet life does not end with contempt. In the evening of one’s life, it is time to shed burdens and move on to quietude.



10am – 6pm / TAKE A FIVE

46 Lady Musgrave Rd

An all-day event showcasing Jamaican painters who also work in the decorative arts.

Artist: Charl Baker, paintings and Charl B Trees; Donovan Walters, paintings and driftwood art; Phillip Henry, portraits and prints; Marcia Henry, carved calabash; Tukula Ntama, fine art & exquisite handmade things, Ireko Baker, paintings on silk and hand printed fabrics and wearables, Errol Walker, painter.

 1am – 3pm / LAST SUNDAYS

National Gallery of Jamaica / 12 Ocean Blvd

Free Guided Tours of The National Gallery’s permanent collection

“Natural Histories: Explorations I”

This is the first in a new series, Explorations, which explores various thematic issues relevant to Jamaican art and culture.

1:30 – Dance performance by Neila Ebanks

2pm – Screening of Dickie Jobson’s iconic film “Countryman

A young American couple crash-lands their plane in Jamaica. A fisherman rescues them and leads them away from the authorities, who have fabricated a story about the plane, involving drug and arms smuggling by the CIA, to gain popularity in an upcoming election.

 3pm -5pm / THEY SPEAK WE LISTEN – Symbols are creative language

Studio 174 / 174 Harbour Street (Corner of Harbour and West Street)

Studio 174 Open Studio Exhibition, along with displayed artwork by Astro.

Sometime our everyday language is not enough to express intimate aspects of self, thus symbols and images fuel the imagination and fantasy of the mind into strange but beautiful spaces of perceptions and capture nuances that pass a strong mystical and spiritual blend.

Historically, symbols illicit a myriad of associations not just as language but a link or entry into another realm, or space sometimes sacred.

5pm -8pm / ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE: Don Miller and Drew Burrows

Roktowa / 8 Pechon Street (next to the Railway)

Don Miller is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He performs live visuals in real time under the alias NO CARRIER. Miller works with nearly obsolete re-purposed electronics to create psychedelic low resolution video art. Part of the 8bitpeoples artist collective, he performs, exhibits, and lectures worldwide. Much of the software used in the NO CARRIER project has been released for free and is open source.

Drew Burrows is a multimedia artist and musician residing in New York City. His work is based in interactive installation design, creative technology in performance, new interfaces for musical and visual expression and implementing technology to spark emotion and bring awareness to people’s daily lives.

Roktowa will also be highlighting local artists:

Di-Andre Davis, Sharon Norwood, Bug Hart & Christopher Jones

Meals from their vegetarian café will be on sale.

 9pm / KGN DUB CLUB: KOTE Closing Party

7B Skyline Drive (enter from Papine Side)

Admission: Good Behaviour / Drinks on sale

100% Undiluted roots rock reggae from the highest regions selected by Gabre Selassie and special guest selectors.

Further information visit KOTE.


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