Discovering new Poets – Beth Bachmann

I was introduced to Beth Bachmann’s poetry through her poem “Paternoster” at a writing workshop a few weeks ago. The poem is found in her collection titled “Temper” from the University of Pittsburgh Press. Temper was the winner of the AWP Award Series 2008 Donald Hall Prize in Poetry. In a word, she is awesome. After the workshop I checked out her book on Amazon and found that a Kindle version was available which I immediately bought and read “cover to cover” before going to sleep.

In her poem Paternoster her use of imagery is brilliant, and most of the meanings of the word Paternoster come to life in a poem that is both dark and deep at the same time. Here is an excerpt from the poem:

I’ll start with the thing dragged up: the body of my sister,  

I’ll give you the location: the tracks                         

One of her other poems “muse of arms” can be read here.

For more information on Beth and her poetry visit her website at and check out Temper on Amazon or University of Pittsburg Press.



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