Introducing The Drawing Room Project

Founded in 2007, The Drawing Room Project Association  was formed with the intention of bringing persons together and engaging them in a series of creative conversations through workshops, productions and exhibits.

Its goals are:

To build a better society through introspective art, by creating collaborations with industry experts who will provide mentorship and exposure for talented Jamaicans to hone their skills and produce high quality creative products for the local and international market.  

Last year The Drawing Room Project successfully hosted a summer poetry workshop series. The workshops were led by poets Millicent Graham, Ann-Margaret Lim and Mbala.

The Drawing Room Project looks for projects that will:

  • Provide inspirational art experiences that could germinate new skills
  • Create mentoring opportunities for aspiring artists
  • Promote classical genres that are unexplored, but could add new perspectives to emerging forms
  • Strengthen the involvement of Jamaican artists in the international community
  • Strengthen the craftmanship of writing in new media, digital and performing arts

For more information on The Drawing Room Project you may visit their website or Facebook page.

Be on the lookout for their 2014 projects.


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