Birthday Blood Drive

I am turning 30 in a few weeks and after some thought and keeping in mind that I did not want to have a party (I’m not a fan of parties for me), I decided to have a blood drive. I thought that it would be nice, while celebrating one more year of my life, to help save someone else’s and if I got other people involved then we could save many lives.


It has been a challenging year so far. I had to step out of my comfort zone a lot: meeting with clients (often), my first television and radio interviews, which were live (ack!), trying to be a good supervisor while learning the ropes and in some cases creating the ropes myself.

I joined Toastmasters early in the year and it has been a great experience. It helped with the interviews and I am learning to be a better leader and well there have been some experiences working with others as well, which hasn’t taught me anything I did not know before but sometimes it is nice to stretch yourself. Each Toastmasters meeting leaves me refreshed as I get away from the routine for a couple of hours and there are perks like getting a prize of cat earrings (last week) and chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

The year has had its up and downs, maybe mostly downs. Sometimes you just can’t predict just how things will affect you, sometimes you give up without really noticing and then you are left with that climb back up the hill. If you are lucky you will have someone to help push you up but if you don’t believe that you are strong enough to help your own self back up.

I helped organize a weekend Writers Retreat in St. Mary. It was a lot of work for that Labour Day weekend. I hardly got to take a breath; making sure the participants were ok, that the staff was on the ball, preparing the space for an evening reading, lifting, carrying, hanging things. The participants thought it was a success. That was awesome and I hope we’ll get more sponsors on board and we will get to do it all again next year bigger and better. If nothing else, that weekend taught me a lot about people and about myself and I am stronger and wiser for it.

But back to the blood drive and the real reason for this post. My birthday blood drive will be on 21st June from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the National Chest Hospital at 36 ½ Barbican Road, Kingston 6. I have dubbed it 30pints and all are invited, but I would really appreciate it if you rsvped at thirtypints, my event blog. I do not want to run out of cake, etc. If you cannot donate for any reason, feel free to pass it along or take a friend. For more info on what makes you eligible, how often you can donate, in what instances you will not be able to donate visit the blog or the National Blood Transfusion Service website. I know World Blood Donor Day is coming up and just a heads up if you donate on World Blood Donor Day (June 14) you will not be able to donate at my blood drive which is the next week so come to my Blood Drive, for a few hours of bloodletting, and cake and lots of fun stuff!

blood drive invite FINAL


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