Post Blood Drive post

Yesterday was the big day – 30 Pints: My Birthday Blood Drive. Although I did not quite make it to 30 pints and had to suffer the disappointment of not being able to donate because my iron level was low, it was a good day. There were people who came to support the drive thinking they would not have been able to donate who did, some first time donors and then there were the other persons who thought my initiative was a great idea, so I am hoping that it will catch on.

When I started inviting people to be a part of the drive, I got positive feedback, some non-committal responses, some persons who were definitely apprehensive, and some cynical responses which I won’t bother to mention here. Ideally I would love for Jamaica and by the extension the world to always have an adequate blood supply; that the NBTS website would never have to post “stocks low” for any blood type and if this were the case I would never have to get another “appeal for blood” email or message.

As I was driving to the collection centre yesterday, I was running late and I jokingly told myself that I should just stay calm and don’t rush so I wouldn’t need the blood before it even got donated. Let’s face facts, shit happens. I had not organized the blood drive based on the experience of having a family member or close friend being in need of blood but because I would like to know that if I needed blood to save my life then it would be there and an appeal would not have to be made. One of the reasons I do not have a tattoo is because always in the back of my mind I am thinking “What if I got a tattoo today and someone I knew needed blood tomorrow?” As I said before shit happens and it does not exclusively involve bullets and motor vehicle collisions.

So a big thank you goes out to everyone who showed up yesterday, whether you helped out, donated to were there for support and to the staff at the donation centre at National Chest Hospital who were so helpful and made me feel like a bit of a celeb.

Thank you


Donors are always needed so if you couldn’t make it yesterday there is always tomorrow and the days after that as long as you are alive and healthy.


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