On being thirty

If you have taken notice of the header on the blog, you will realize that it is not about a twenty something female anymore but a thirty year old female.

A friend of mine told me that the thirties are great years and so far I have had a wonderful start to my 31st year. I started my year on vacation which was a bit eventful but not awful and am now back to the reality of work which involves a flea infestation at my office. Welcome back to me!

My birthday blood drive idea has gotten some media attention with an article in the Sunday Observer last week and I will be on Smile Jamaica tomorrow at approximately 7.15 a.m. While I would prefer not to be in the limelight, it is for a good cause so I am doing what I can. The feedback from persons for the most part has been very positive and I really hope that more people will take the idea and make it into something awesome.

One thing that has not changed with being thirty are the naysayers, the nitpickers, the crazies and the people who only see glasses as half empty not half full. They are in the minority, but if you are not careful they can definitely ruin a moment, day etc. but you should not let them! Be the awesome, powerful person that you are and when you begin to think that it is you, take a moment to really think about whether it really is you or it is the other person and if it is the other person just let go and stop dwelling on things you really cannot control (believe me, most time it is them 🙂 not you).



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