Joni’s rant #1


I read an article a few days ago titled “What kind of ‘Car’ is your management system?” I had been thinking to myself that you could just remove the word system and the article would still be apt. Is your management a gas guzzler? Is the air conditioning unit broken. You can read the article here and decide for yourself.


People just don’t seem to know what to do with an invitation. Most times its not rocket science because the person who send you the invitation usually asks for a reply. Please note people, there are two responses you can give: “regrettably I am unable to attend” (or some variant of this) and “yes I will be attending” (or some variant of this. Yes for those of you who are still wondering  “No I cannot attend” is a legitimate response! Responding even if not in the affirmative is the polite thing to do. So going forward if you do not respond to my invitation I will just assume you are rude and impolite and then move on. Then there the people who respond in the affirmative and then at the appointed day/time they give you a lame ass excuse about why they could not be there. If you not gonna commit to showing up, we can add one more response to the list “maybe”. Use it.


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