Orange YOUR neighbourhood

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This year there is a 16 day campaign to end gender based violence UNITE to End Violence against Women and we are all invited to Orange OUR Neighbourhoods in support of this campaign.

While the facts and figures about violence against women is irrefutable and constitutes are grave problem, we cannot forget that increasingly men are becoming the targets of all sorts of violence including sexual violence in some countries. So as we orange our neighbourhoods lets also do it for the men who are afraid to speak up for fear of stigma or added violence against them.

We often think about women in violent situations who do not leave or take a long time to finally get out of there even when all the signs say kick up your heels and run. But what of the situations in our lives where we get to a point where we are so uncomfortable, where we try to rationalize “staying” when we really should be kicking up our heels and running as well. Think about it.



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