Happy New Year

It is a new year and it is filled with hundreds of possibilities. Maybe you started off with a bang or you have been a little slow out the starting gates, well there is still time to catch up and keep the momentum going.

I have started the year on a bit of a down note. First I got a bad sprain a few weeks ago so I have these new cute shoes that I cannot wear because my toe is still a bit swollen and painful. Second, apparently I have chikungunya so I spent the first few moments of this year in bed waiting for the fireworks in my joints to start. Thankfully, so far I have been pain free and fever free but not rash free or itch free and I have some swollen, painful lymph nodes so I am taking it easy.

2014 was a good year. There were some losses but I managed to tick some things off my list and best of all I was able to share in some family celebrations, whether it was the family I inherited by virtue of my birth, marriage or the family I chose (friends).

There are some of us who have started the year on a sad note, whether from recent losses or not so recent losses that are still taking a toll. For me it was weird going up to Grandma when grandma isn’t there and I think it will always be going up to grandma no matter how much time passes and seeing my happy go lucky dad sad was sad too.

I think one poignant thing that I think mattered a lot to me last year from sitting on the sidelines watching the soap operas play out is that sometimes you can’t be selfish, sometimes no matter what you feel you are losing by not doing the thing you feel you must do that is going to cause a world of hurt, not doing that thing must be the thing you must do.

Let’s be awesome this year! Let’s step out of our comfort zones, reach for our goals, dream and make our dreams reality, love without limits and do good to our fellow man and all the creatures of the earth (except maybe lizards when it is absolutely necessary).



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