A Vision for 2015: Jamaican Women Speak

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As we stride forward into 2015, I spoke to Jamaican women about what they would like to see for women – and for all Jamaicans – in 2015. Here are their responses, in just one sentence. Some of my respondents became a little wordy, however! I forgive them… As Bob Marley sang, “So much things to say…”

I hope you find these comments good food for thought and inspirational, too…

Marcia Moriah Skervin. Marcia Moriah Skervin.

I would like to see a crime free Jamaica and a country that respects the rights of all

Marcia Moriah Skervin: Motivational speaker; Owner/Connect Your Dots; Consultant, Touch of Nature Connections

Dr. Sonjah Stanley Niaah. Dr. Sonjah Stanley Niaah.

I need Jamaicans to reclaim their power as a people, and use the power of their creativity to make an impact at home in achieving social justice, human rights and a “one love” sense of community, something we have given through…

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