Winter Woes

Today’s blog post is a guest post by fellow blogger over at overaglassofredwine. You can check out her blog after you have read this post. Feel free to share and do post your comments!

I do not remember a time when the weather was of any importance to me prior to migrating to the USA.  Like most immigrants, my first exposure to this country was via cable television, mostly Hollywood and it didn’t take long for me to realise that I had allowed myself to be bamboozled by the idea of America.
For several days New York has been on edge by Meteorologists to anticipate the weather conditions worsening throughout the upcoming weeks.  Not only do we expect the temperature to fall below zero (which has become the norm for winter seasons) but we expect to experience wind-chills at a temperature of -27 degrees.
I sat outside the Nautilus a few mornings ago, an assisted living home for seniors where my Mother works and watched as what began as a beautiful downpour of snowflakes evolved rapidly into a whirlwind of white haze and ice.  I felt like I was in the midst of a tornado and as the car shook I sat motionless and for a brief moment my mind went blank.  Speaking of the car, let me say that while I never thought I was the type to be attached to material possessions with the exception of my Canon Rebel xsi, I must admit that I am almost emotionally attached to this piece of metal that I have had to seek refuge in from the harsh winter wind-chills piercing at my frail parched skin.  Did I mention that the Nautilus is located at the border of Long Island and the ocean, the worst place for an island girl to be in this type of weather.
There is nothing fun, interesting or adventurous about winter for me so far.  My friends back home seem to be intrigued by the idea of snowflakes falling from the sky into huge piles but this isn’t like being home in 68 degree weather in December sipping swiss “just add water” cocoa mix and watching Serendipity of Hallmark christmas movies and admiring the fashion that comes with the season.  This is about being unable to feel your fingers or the snot running from your nose despite going to JC Penny and buying all the warm gear you were advised to by your google search.
This is about praying that the drivers in front and behind you turn their headlights on because the only things you can see in a snow storm at 8:00 am are bright flashing lights.

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